Best Sleep Now Hygiene Hacks Truth From Latest Bedding

If you’re someone who struggles to get enough rest, then the odds are good you’ve heard the term sleep hygiene. Referring to habits, behaviors, and environmental considerations that can affect your ability to slumber, sleep hygiene varies from one person to the next. However, sleepers of all ages need to adopt habits and behaviors that aid them in drifting off to dreamland. At Latest Bedding, we’re passionate about supplying individuals with the brand-name bedding products they need to rest easy. Keep reading to learn more about our top tips for hacking your sleep hygiene.

Why Sleep Hygiene Matters

Research shows that sleep hygiene factors can have a significant effect on one’s ability to sleep through the night. In a recent study of 384 individuals, those with poor sleep hygiene were more likely to suffer sleeping problems (76.5 percent) than those with good sleep hygiene (56.1 percent). Similarly, those whose sleep hygiene needed work were more likely to experience serious exhaustion during the daytime as well as depression. In fact, 75.8 percent of the poor hygiene group reported experiencing low moods. 

So what exactly characterizes sleep deprivation? Unsurprisingly, those suffering from insufficient sleep don’t get enough rest to complete basic tasks, such as studying, working, reading, exercising, or taking care of the home.. According to an article from the National Institutes of Health, 1 in 3 American adults report not getting enough rest at night, with 40 percent noting that they sleep poorly at least one night a month. Overall, up to 70 million Americans suffer from perpetual or frequent sleep problems. 

Moreover, as a result of their deficiencies, poor sleepers often experience health problems. Both mental and physical health can suffer when people habitually experience sleep deficiencies. They may find themselves feeling frustrated, anxious, or upset. Additionally, sleep problems are associated with a higher rate of conditions such as heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, obesity, stroke, and diabetes. 

Steps to Promote Good Sleep Hygiene

Fortunately, there are steps sleepers can take to boost sleep hygiene and overall health. Here are some habits to hack your sleep hygiene and improve your mood and life: 

Wake and Sleep at the Same Time: Love sleeping in on weekends? That indulgence could be causing your sleep problems to increase. That’s because a variable schedule impedes a sleeper’s ability to get into a routine. Similarly, taking naps in an effort to make up for lost sleep at night can actually cause more issues in the long run. For best results, aim to go to bed and get up around the same time every day and try to avoid those afternoon naps. 

Cut Back on Coffee: That cup of Joe might help you start your morning. However, drinking too much caffeine – or indulging too late in the day – can interfere with your rest.

Create a Sleep Routine: A consistent nighttime routine can go a long way toward helping sleepers drift off. For example, you may want to try ending each night by taking a shower and then reading a book. For best results, avoid using electronics like iPads and phones before bed, as the blue light can decrease melatonin production – something necessary for good sleep. 

Turn Down the Lights: Similarly, you should turn off or down the lights before heading to bed. Doing this helps convince both body and mind that it’s time for sleep. 

Turn Up the Air: Research reveals that people sleep best when the temperature is a little lower – ideally around 65 degrees fahrenheit. If you struggle with sleep, think about turning down the AC or adding a fan or dehumidifier to your bedroom. 

Build a Better Bedroom

Proper sleep hygiene requires appropriate bedding. While you probably know that a supportive mattress is key, you might not realize that this item needs to be replaced about every seven years. Additionally, it’s important to invest in premium pillows that keep your neck and spine aligned when you sleep. We’re big fans of Pure Parima’s Down Alternative Pillow Insert. Crafted from certified safe materials that mimic the loft and comfort of real goose down, these 100 percent Virtudown pillow inserts come complete with a cotton sateen cover. The result is sleepers won’t have to worry about overheating. The pillow is double stitched closed and features lustrous satin piping as a finishing touch. Cover it with any of Latest Bedding’s luxurious pillowcases. 


Of course, bedding also plays a role in sleep hygiene, ensuring individuals stay cool and cozy regardless of temperature fluctuations. Recognizing that hot sleepers often struggle to get enough rest, Latest Bedding carries an array of sheets crafted from cooling Egyptian cotton. Those who appreciate silky soft bedding will likely be drawn to Pure Parima’s Yalda Sheet Collection. Made from 100 percent certified Egyptian cotton, the sheets feature extra-long staple fibers for a yarn that’s both smooth and strong. Double-hem stitching ensures these sheets will last for years, while deep pockets keep them firmly on the bed. The Yalda set comes with two pillowcases, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet. Shoppers can choose from an array of on-trend colors, including Linen, Spa, and Midnight. 

Of course, no sleep-inducing bed is complete without a cozy comforter. We recommend the Bebejan Tropical 100 Percent Cotton 5-Piece Bedding Set for those with a penchant for comfort. This reversible comforter set features teal tropical ferns on the front with a more muted thatched reverse side. The result is plenty of options to keep your room feeling fresh and your body cool. Additionally, shoppers receive an 18 inch by 12 inch embroidered pillow, a printed 18 inch by 18 inch pillow, and two matching shams, all in silky cotton sateen. A reusable fabric tote finishes off the collection and offers an easy storage option. 

Discover the Benefits of Sleeping Well

At Latest Bedding, we believe individuals shouldn’t have to pay exorbitant prices for their bedding products. That’s why we take pride in supplying a wide selection of brand-name bedding and luxury comforter sets at rates that won’t break the bank. Shop a broad array of items by J Queen New York, Bebejan, Rose Tree, Waterford, Pine Cone Hill, and more. We look forward to helping you hack your sleep hygiene and get better rest.