Bid Summer Goodbye and Say Hello to Fall Bedding Styles

Feeling a little sad about the end of summer? While it’s natural to lament those sweltering July days, there’s plenty to be pleased about when it comes to autumn. After all, fall is synonymous with crisp breezes, changing leaves, and of course the delicious concoction that is the pumpkin spice latte. The trick is to ensure the inside of your home reflects the mood and weather happening outdoors. At Latest Bedding, we specialize in helping customers create bedroom designs that reflect their inner character and taste while celebrating everything that’s special about the time of year. And because our brand-name bedding products are affordable, you don’t have to choose between satisfying your inner decorator and keeping your bank account happy. Read on for tips on decorating with the changing seasons, courtesy of our knowledgeable team. 

The Benefits of Decorating for Fall

Seasonal depression is all too common at this time of year. After all, the days are getting shorter and colder and the nights longer. Fortunately, decorating for fall can go a long way toward keeping you cheerful despite the changing weather. Not only is it fun to let your creative side shine, but studies also show that color has a strong effect on mood. In particular, autumn shades like orange and rust are associated with feelings of happiness and good cheer. If you want to feel better while adding some much-needed interest to your home, feel free to embrace some seasonally appropriate colors and decor. 

Of course, decorating for autumn doesn’t have to mean going with the stereotypes. While pumpkins and leaves may be traditional elements at this time of year, there are plenty of more subtle ways to incorporate the feel of the season. Sometimes the best design choices reflect everything that’s special about fall in ways that are less overt. Keep reading to learn more about fall bedding styles that will work well into the winter. 

Get to Know Fall Bedding Styles

Our bedrooms serve as sanctuaries and an escape from the stresses of work or school. They’re also a place where the average person spends eight hours or more a day between sleeping and relaxing. If your bedroom doesn’t spark joy, then it can interfere with your ability to decompress and rest, impacting your productivity in the days and weeks to come. Here are just a few tips for successfully incorporating fall bedding styles into your current decor to help you sleep easy and love your room again:

Colorful Throws

Want to change over your home from summer to autumn? Throw pillows are an easy, effective, and economical way to make the switch. A key decorative component of both living rooms and bedrooms, throw pillows add visual interest to a space via color, texture, or both. And the good news is you don’t have to replace your current throw pillows to embrace this design tactic. Simply pick up some shams in your desired styles and use them to cover the existing pillows. Wondering how best to give your home an autumn facelift? We suggest using throw pillows to add personality to your space. Consider some of this fall’s most fun colors, including rust, crimson, chocolate, and forest green. You can also include pillows featuring a few cozy fabric options, such as leather, suede, velvet, and faux fur.

Orange Is the New Orange

Orange is the shade most synonymous with fall. Fortunately, it also happens to be a hot hue in home decor at the moment. While orange can be a striking color, overshadowing other elements of a room, there are ways to use this design element to your advantage. We love the idea of an orange statement piece, such as an armchair, painting, blanket, or throw pillow. You can accent the item with more soothing neutral shades such as dark blue, brown, gold, and tan. The end result will be a serene space that inspires homeowners to rest and recharge. 

Tons of Texture

Texture is a crucial element when it comes to fall decor. Just as this is the time of year when individuals break out their suede coats and fuzzy sweaters, fall offers a great opportunity to incorporate cozy elements into your home design. Stay warm while enhancing your design cred by decorating with blankets made from wool, fleece, velvet, and even cashmere. We know you’ll feel more cheery about the changing seasons when you’re snuggled up under a cozy throw. You can also incorporate different materials and textures into your accessories. Consider a woven basket, metallic picture frame, or wicker armchair positioned in the corner of the room. 

Lovely Layers

Some people break out the down duvet as soon as the temperature drops. Others have a tendency to overheat during that in-between period when the weather is constantly changing. If you want to avoid waking up in a pool of sweat on autumn nights, layering your bedding is key. We suggest keeping your lightweight summer bedding in place at this time of year and adding a quilt or waffle blanket. You can keep it at the foot of the bed for use as needed. Consider a blanket featuring soothing neutrals like taupe, grey, or charcoal to help take your room from summer to fall. Along with providing some extra warmth on cool nights, this spare blanket adds both color and texture to your room. 

Outdoor Beauty

Spring and summer may be the most obvious times to celebrate the beauty of the outside world. However, there’s plenty that’s pleasing to the eye about fall. Along with sunflowers and eucalyptus, this part of the year is a great time to showcase apples, pumpkins, squash, acorns, and pinecones in your decor. Consider including a bowl of fruit in your dining room or adding some fresh flowers to your bedside table. Want to avoid decorating with actual elements from nature? Try a luxury comforter set featuring ivy or a botanical print in fall hues. It’s a great way to stay in touch with nature on those days you can’t go outside. And you don’t have to worry about whether or not you have a green thumb!

Subtle Scents

There’s a reason they say smell is one of the strongest senses. After all, aromas are synonymous with important places and events in our lives. If you want to add some autumn joy to your home, consider including scents in the form of candles, incense, or potpourri. We’re especially fond of cinnamon, pumpkin, and sandalwood at this time of year. Ultimately, though, the right option is whichever one works for you and your family. 

Shiny Metallics

Silver and gold may be the classics. However, fall offers a perfect opportunity to embrace warm-colored metals in your decor. We especially love the look of copper and bronze at this time of year. Consider a copper jug or vase positioned on your bureau. You can display it alone or with your favorite dried fall flowers. 

Top luxury bedding sets for fall

The good news is Latest Bedding stocks a wide range of luxury bedding collections perfect for the cooler, darker days ahead. From rustic cottage-core styles to more classic looks reminiscent of a night in a five-star hotel, we offer styles for every taste and budget. You can even pick up a couple extra bedding sets without overwhelming your charge cards. And because there are plenty of fabric and material options, you can be confident that one of the choices will suit your temperature needs regardless of the season. Here are some of the brand-name comforter sets currently on display in our online shop:



As temperatures drop and the leaves start to change color, many of us dream of spending a weekend at a cozy cabin in the woods either alone or with that special someone. If you can’t afford to get away right now, consider bringing the beauty of autumn to you by picking up this Cabin Raising Quilt Set. Featuring fall-favorite shades like tan, brown, and green, this collection is crafted from crisp 100 percent cotton. The result is a breathable bedding set perfect for the variable nights ahead. The quilt showcases an array of pine cones around a diamond-shaped centerpiece. It comes complete with two matching pillow shams and is available in sizes twin, queen, and king. Additional items like throws and pillows are available from the designer for an added cost. 



Sticking with the log cabin theme, the Timber Linen Comforter Set is reminiscent of ski vacations and nights spent camping under the stars. A creation of J Queen, the set showcases plenty of classic fall hues, including linen, tan, and black in alternating stripes. The result is a dimensional look that adds visual interest to a space while suiting any member of the family. Available in queen, king, and California king, the Timber Linen Set includes an oversized comforter, matching shams, and a faux suede bedskirt to hide anything under the bed from public view. 



Some people are set on a floral comforter set. If you believe that flowers simply belong in the bedroom year round, consider the darker tones of this Martinique Black Comforter Set this fall. Created by J Queen, this stunning set showcases tropical palm leaves and boasts bold hues like black and coral. Oversized for extra warmth and coziness, the comforter includes a dry fabric finish to give the set a casual coastal appeal. It comes with matching pillow shams with hidden zippers and a solid black split corner bedskirt. Note that the whole collection reverses to a microfiber that’s both soft and aesthetically pleasing. Want to add a few finishing touches to your bedroom? J Queen offers additional items like window treatments, throw pillows, and Euro shams for an extra cost. You can save time on shopping while scoring major style points. 



Some people appreciate a little subtlety in their home design. Others prefer maximalism in all things. If you love bold, dramatic design styles in the bedroom, it’s hard to beat the Julius Red Comforter Set from Croscill. Inspired by the luxury of 17th century French royal decor, the collection boasts a beautiful blend of chenille yarns in vivid hues like red, brown, and gold. It works as well for fall as it does the frigid winter days ahead. Plus, the set features a lavish pattern suited to castles and palaces of days past. Note that this set comes complete with two coordinating pillow shams with zipper closes and flanged edges. A tailored bed skirt with kick box pleats finishes off the set, which is available in sizes queen and king. Additional throw pillows are available to add extra interest to your room and save you time scouring the stores for accessories. 



Want a little more coziness in your life? Add extra warmth in the form of the Chloe Fawn Velvet Padded Comfortlet. Featuring a non-woven fill and velvet flange, the piece doesn’t require a duvet insert, making it easy to add to your bedroom. As a bonus, the Chloe is machine washable to save you time and money on dry cleaning. Use it on its own or pair with your current bedding for those cold autumn nights. 



There are few things better than snuggling in your bed or chair with a good book and a warm throw. Ideal for autumn afternoons, the Ashbee Woven Throw is crafted with a classic multicolor basket weave. Rich and soft, the throw gets extra style points thanks to a fringed edge. Toss it over the back of your favorite chair or leave it at the end of the bed for when temps get chilly. This piece works as well in a master as it does your guest room.



It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays. If you love Christmas and want to begin the celebrations a little sooner, consider these Noelle Evergreen Window Panels. Warm and elegant, they showcase shades perfect for fall and winter, including evergreen and crimson. Tiebacks allow for a more airy look while the three-inch header and rod pockets make this set easy to hang in a bedroom or other space. We love the idea of pairing these window panels with the coordinating Noelle Bedding Set. However, it also looks great with accessories in shades like soft blue, grey, black, and metallics. Note that valances and curtain panels are both sold separately. 



Just as plaid shirts are popular at this time of year, plaid bedding works well for both autumn and winter. Those seeking an easy-to-style comforter collection are sure to appreciate the convenience and style of the Biscuit Holly Set. Cozy yet striking, the collection comes with a rich comforter featuring a bold buffalo plaid in red, white, and charcoal. Moreover, herringbone accents provide a classic element that’s also intriguing. Additionally, the set comes with coordinating shams, two square decorative pillows, an oblong pillow, and a printed herringbone bed skirt. Choose from sizes queen, king, and California king. As a bonus, this collection is machine washable for easy care and will take you easily into the Christmas season.



Of course, comforters and accessories are essential elements of fall decor. However, when it comes to bedding, one of the most important components is also one of the most frequently overlooked. Sheets may not get all that much attention, but they’re the bedding item that comes into the most frequent contact with skin while you sleep. So choosing the right set is crucial to protecting your hair and complexion while keeping you comfortable throughout the night. Stay warm without overheating when you choose Pure Parima’s Hira Sheet Set. Featuring extra-long staple Egyptian cotton that’s Cotton Egypt Association-certified and a contemporary accent diamond pattern, this sateen set is available in fall hues like Linen and Charcoal. Each purchase comes complete with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two coordinating pillowcases. It’s machine washable. 

Discover the Beauty of Fall Bedding

Is your bedroom a place that brings you calmness and comfort? Or just another room in your home? Leaders in designer bedding on a budget, Latest Bedding was founded with the belief that everyone deserves access to premium home decor. To that end, we supply a wide selection of affordable bedding products by all the top brands, including Bebejan, J Queen, Croscill, and more. Additionally, we stock all the extras, from Egyptian cotton sheets to velvet coverlets, pillow shams to throws. Whether you’re decorating your brand-new home or simply remodeling a couple rooms in accordance with the seasons, you can count on finding what you need in our online shop. Contact Latest Bedding today and start loving your bedroom again.