How to Select Bedding When You Are Health Conscious

These days, most of us lead busy lives that are packed full with work, school, social obligations, and responsibilities around the home. With so much going on, it’s easy to feel run down. To that end, many people are choosing to invest in activities designed to boost physical and mental health. We’re talking about eating right, exercising, spending time out in nature, and enjoying a little self-care. However, there’s one element of wellness that tends to be neglected. Although the average person spends seven to nine hours a day in bed, few of us invest in bedding designed to boost our health and help us get more rest. A leader in bedding and accessories, Latest Bedding supplies a wide selection of sustainable bedding products for individuals looking to maximize health and productivity. Keep reading to learn more about health-conscious bedding, courtesy of our team of experts. 

Appropriate Thread Count

While thread count isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to bedding, it can be an important consideration when selecting health-conscious products. That’s because purchasing sheets or comforter sets with the wrong thread count can negatively impact your ability to sleep. In particular, individuals with heat sensitivities or easily irritated skin may struggle to sleep under higher thread counts. Comforters featuring a thread count of 600 or higher, for example, tend to be on the warm side. So those who sleep hot may struggle to get through the night without sweating. Similarly, higher counts can be prone to tearing, ripping, and pilling, all of which can be unpleasant. If you prefer your bedding light and airy, we suggest choosing bedding products with thread counts between 250 and 400. Along with being crisp and cooling, bedding with this thread count range tends to be durable, holding up even after hundreds of washes. 

Natural Fibers

The next step in the journey toward health-conscious bedding is to evaluate the materials used in your sheets and comforters. While microfibers and synthetics may have a lower price tag, they aren’t as beneficial when it comes to general wellness. That’s because microfiber is made from manufactured materials such as polyester. Not only do these fabrics tend to trap heat and moisture, causing sleepers to wake up in a pool of sweat, but they also create static when you toss and turn. If you want to snuggle up at night in silky-smooth bedding, it pays to choose 100 percent cotton over synthetics. 

Along with feeling great against skin, cotton has the benefit of being health friendly. Natural and sustainable, cotton is less likely to cause allergies and irritations. So it’s a great choice for both children and adults. Additionally, this fabric is known for protecting hair, so you don’t wake up with knots or tangles. There’s a reason aestheticians recommend cotton sheets and pillowcases over other options on the market. 


Just like thread count is a key consideration for sheets and blankets, those investing in a health-conscious comforter should pay attention to GSM. Standing for grams per square meter, GSM refers to the weight of the filling in a comforter, quilt, or duvet. If you appreciate lightweight bedding that’s warm yet breathable, we suggest opting for a GSM between 150 and 250. It’s perfect for hot sleepers and those prone to night sweats. Then again, if you’d prefer something a little warmer for winter, choose a GSM between 300 and 400. Ultimately, the right fill thickness is whichever one works for you

Sustainable Manufacturing

Opting for health-conscious bedding is about more than fabric and fill content. The best brands also opt to use sustainable manufacturing methods. For example, Latest Bedding favorite Bebejan takes pains to ensure all its bedding sets bear OEKO-TEX certification, so you know they're made without harmful substances and chemicals. The end result is that individuals can feel good about where they and their loved ones are resting their heads at night. As a bonus, all Bebejan sets come complete with sustainable fabric bonus bags for easy storage. You can avoid plastics while protecting your bedding for the long term. 


Of course, part of staying healthy is getting enough sleep at night. And it’s hard to rest easy if your bedding doesn’t inspire joy. Our customers appreciate Bebejan bedding because it showcases a wide selection of trending colors and patterns. Whether you prefer bold geometrics or flirty florals, dark hues or soft pastels, there’s something in the collection sure to please. Additionally, all Bebejan products are reversible, so home decorators can flip them over when they feel like a change of scenery. You don’t have to worry about getting bored when you choose Bebejan comforter sets over the competition. 

Perfect Bedding For Health-Conscious

Looking for a sustainable comforter collection to keep you cozy? The good news is Bebejan has plenty of options, each of which comes complete with accessories like pillow shams and throws. The result is that you don’t have to waste valuable time shopping the big box stores for pieces to complete your set. Here are some of the latest Bebejan currently available in our online shop:



Looking for a bold bedroom set that celebrates the deeper hues popular in fall and winter? The Bebejan Deep Purple Garden Set is a perfect choice for the holiday season and beyond. Showcasing a bursting bouquet of flowers against a rich eggplant background, this stunning collection is crafted from 100 percent sustainable cotton sateen. So it’s as pleasing to the touch as it is to the eye. Feel like a change of pace? You can flip the comforter over to reveal a tone-on-tone leaf print that’s both elegant and calming. Additionally, this collection comes complete with two matching pillow shams, an 18-inch by 18-inch pillow with added embroidery, and a printed 12-inch by 18-inch pillow. A reusable self-fabric tote is included in the package for easy storage. Note that the Deep Purple Garden Set comes in sizes queen and king. It’s machine washable to save you money on dry cleaning. 



A wintery floral that’s both classic and trendy, the Bebejan Peach Leaves on Sage Set features some of the year’s hottest hues. Boasting shades of sage green, bronze peach, and creamy beige, this lovely bedding collection celebrates the sweetness of neutrals. The reversible set, which showcases slender branches on a beige backdrop on the other side, comes with matching printed pillow shams, a printed throw pillow, and an embroidered pillow, all of which are crafted from silky cotton sateen. A fabric storage bag completes the collection while allowing for easy storage. The set is available in sizes queen and king. It’s machine washable for customer convenience. 



Love the look of watercolors? Bring a little art into your bedroom with the Bebejan Blue Art Reversible Comforter Set. Blue and gray flowers on a creamy white field decorate the front side of this comforter set, while the back showcases a variegated pinstripe print. Simple yet elegant, this charming pattern works as well in a master bedroom as it does a guest room or teen’s room. Along with a comforter, the set comes with two pillow shams with zipper closures and two decorative pillows, all in the same soft cotton sateen. A reusable self-fabric bag finishes off the collection, which is machine washable. Choose from sizes queen and king. 



Not everyone appreciates the softness of florals. If you prefer a bolder look in the bedroom, the herringbone and tweed Bebejan Kyle Black set is a great way to go. At once classic and unisex, the collection works as well for women as it does for men. Plus, the black and gray striped pattern is sure to meld well with your existing decor, working great with white or gray sheets. This reversible comforter, which showcases a repetitive geometric print on the back side, comes in size king. Additional accessories include two zipper pillow shams, a decorative embroidered pillow with a tufted button, and a printed pillow. Buyers also receive a bonus bag to store their bedding products when not in use. 



Prefer a more sedate look in the bedroom? Consider the simple beauty of the Bebejan Natural Leaves Set. Crafted from sustainable 100 percent cotton, this soothing comforter features neutral ivory and tan in a fresh botanical print on the font. The reverse includes more neutrals with a small ivory leaf silhouette on a tan background. The end result is that sleepers have plenty of choices when it comes to making their room shine. Additionally, the collection includes two reversible shams with zipper closes, an allover printed pillow, an embroidered tan pillow, and a reusable self-fabric tote. Customers can select from sizes queen and king. 

Make Latest Bedding Your Partner in Great Sleep

Latest Bedding was launched with a specific goal – to supply bedding and accessories to all shoppers, regardless of what they have in the bank. We believe that premium bedding shouldn’t just be enjoyed by the wealthy. To that end, we stock a broad selection of pieces by top designers like Bebejan, J Queen, Donna Sharp, Waterford, Togas, and Pine Cone Hill. Whether you’re searching for lightweight quilts or health-conscious comforters, Egyptian cotton sheets or stunning accent pillows, we offer everything you need to turn your home into a haven. Shop our selection today and start getting better sleep.