How to Wash a Linen Duvet Cover

If you’ve never slept under a linen duvet cover, you might be missing out. A long-beloved fabric in the bedding world, linen boasts a number of benefits, including the ability to resist bacteria and absorb moisture. And because it’s anti-allergenic, linen is a great option for babies, children, and anyone with skin sensitivities. Clearly, linen is a wonderful choice for sheets and duvet covers. But how do you go about caring for your linen bedding and ensuring it holds up for years to come? Keep reading to learn how to wash a linen duvet cover and discover tips on choosing the right bedding for your family 

How Often to Wash Linen Duvet Covers

Warm yet breathable, linen duvet covers keep sleepers comfortable no matter how high the temperature rises or how low it falls. However, proper cleaning is crucial to extending the lifespan of your linens. In general, you should wash heavy-use linen products like sheets, duvet covers, and pillow cases once a week. Not only does washing your linen help protect your skin from dust and oils, but it also softens the fibers of your new bedding. The end result is a cozier night’s sleep. 

Tips for Washing Linen Duvet Covers

Whenever you purchase a new bedding item, it’s a good idea to read the care label and follow the instructions. However, as a rule of thumb, it’s generally safe to put linen in the washing machine. For best results, launder your linen bedding separately from other items like clothes. In particular, zippers and snaps can snag on the delicate fabric of your linen. You should also avoid washing lighter linen duvet covers and sheets with darker bedding to avoid color spreading.

When washing your linens, we recommend using cold or warm water rather than hot. Avoid using bleach or fabric softener, both of which can be damaging. While it’s fine to put your linens in the dryer, be sure to use the lowest temperature setting. Avoid dryer sheets in favor of wood dryer balls. Doing this helps keep your bedding soft and breathable. For best results, take your bedding out of the machine before it’s completely dry. Laying your linen duvet covers flat to finish drying is a good way to prevent wrinkles. 

What is the Best Duvet?

Once you’ve decided to invest in a linen duvet cover, you may start thinking about swapping out your current duvet for a new model. But how do you go about choosing the best duvet material and fill for your needs? 

A common choice for duvet lovers, down is widely regarded as the pinnacle of premium bedding. Boasting a lightweight warmth and plenty of loft, down is made from the soft downy undercoating of ducks and geese. Fluffy and light, down keeps sleepers cozy without weighing them down. 

It’s worth noting that not all down-filled duvets are created equal. Depending on your goals and budget, you may opt for 100 percent down or pure down for the most luxurious night’s sleep. On the other hand, duvets labeled as simply “down” may contain other fills as well. Be aware that goose down tends to be fluffier than duck.

Some sleepers prefer bedding made without animal fibers. If you’re sensitive to allergens, you might opt for a down alternative duvet. Ideal for those with feather allergies or a preference for hypoallergenic bedding, down alternative products tend to feature synthetics like polyester or rayon. However, the best options mimic the loft and comfort of true down. Ultimately, the right duvet is whichever one works for your tastes and preferences. 

Top Linen Duvet Covers 

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Driftwood Linen Stripe Duvet Cover By J Queen

Who says neutral bedding designs have to be boring? The Driftwood Linen Stripe Duvet Cover brings new meaning to basic. Created by J Queen, this luxurious duvet cover redefines casual beach decor. Simple yet luxurious, the cover boasts ripple-texture woven fabric made from a perfect blend of linen and cotton. The end result is both breathable and soft to the touch. At once tranquil and romantic, the duvet features hidden button closures for bed making made easy. As a bonus, it reverses to a solid linen shade to give home decorators options. Customers can purchase matching shams and Driftway Pillows for an additional cost.

Bloom Sky Linen Duvet Cover

Clean and urbane, the Bloom Sky Linen Duvet Cover is made from machine washable linen, so you can toss it in the laundry with your sheets and pillowcases. A lovely and light grey-blue, this duvet is sure to meld beautifully with your existing decor. Decorative pillows and bed skirts are available for purchase to save you time on shopping.

Oliver White Linen Duvet Cover

Made from cotton linen, the Oliver White Linen Duvet Cover is reminiscent of the crisp, clean, white bedding you’d find in a luxury hotel. This piece is machine washable and pairs beautifully with our Oliver White decorative pillows. 

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