Is It Better to Buy a Duvet or a Comforter?

If you’re shopping for new bedding, then you probably know you have plenty of choices at your disposal. However, before you can consider aesthetic factors such as color and pattern, you need to ask yourself, “Is it better to buy a duvet or a comforter?” Although these terms are often used interchangeably, they do have some key differences. While both serve to keep sleepers warm on cold nights, the variable construction and fill impacts which option will better serve your needs. With the mercury dropping, it’s a great time to invest in new bedding, and Latest Bedding has everything you need to stay cozy all season long. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between duvets and comforters and discover the best options in our online shop. 

What Is a Duvet?

Before you can answer the question is it better to buy a duvet or comforter, you need to start by defining your terms. Typically, a duvet refers to a fabric bag with either down or synthetic fibers inside. The fill power of a duvet varies, with higher fills providing a warmer, fluffier night’s rest. On the other hand, lower fills tend to be better for summer and those residing in warm climates as they aren’t as heavy. Additionally, duvets are different from comforters in that they tend to be used along with a duvet cover. Made from cotton and other materials, duvet covers protect duvets from dirt, dust, and bodily oils. They are machine washable in most cases.

Benefits of a Duvet

Duvets offer numerous advantages over other bedding materials. Because duvets are used along with covers, home decorators have more options when it comes to switching up their look. Duvet users may opt to swap the cover they’re using based on the season, an upcoming holiday, or just changing tastes. For example, some sleepers may decide to switch to a percale duvet cover during the summer months, as this fabric is known for its crisp, breathable texture. Redecorating a bedroom is easier when you opt for a duvet and duvet cover.

Additionally, using duvet covers means the duvet itself stays clean longer. After all, the duvet is encased in fabric, and so it’s less vulnerable to stains from kids and pets along with damage from bodily oils. Rather than wash your duvet every couple weeks, you can just launder the duvet cover with your sheets and pillowcases. In the end, going this route preserves your duvet for the long haul.

It’s worth noting that duvets do come with some drawbacks. Many duvets are made with down, so they might not be ideal for allergy sufferers. Moreover, shoppers have to take care to buy duvet covers that fit and attach securely with fabric ties. You’re unlikely to get a good night’s rest if your duvet is bunched up at the bottom of the cover. And of course it takes a bit longer to make the bed when you’re using a duvet and duvet cover rather than a traditional comforter.

What Is a Comforter?

Americans tend to be more familiar with comforters than duvets. Referring to fluffy blankets that feature quilting, comforters are meant to rest above the top sheet. Like a duvet, a comforter features a fabric bag over filling. However, comforters are typically sold as part of a set alongside other items like pillow shams, bed skirts, and even sheets and decorative pillows. In this sense, shoppers have less work to do when opting for comforters over duvets.

Comforters are typically designed to be larger than the mattress, so they hang over the sides of the bed. This differentiates them from duvets, which are more likely fitted to the bed. Additionally, some people opt to buy oversized comforters for extra coziness. 

Benefits of Comforters

Choosing a comforter comes with numerous benefits. Because they usually feature synthetic fillings, comforters work well for individuals with allergies that don’t react well to down or feathers. Additionally, comforters have the advantage of being machine washable, so you can usually pop them in the machine rather than taking them to the dry cleaner. In this sense, choosing a comforter can save time and money on laundering.

It’s worth noting that there are some downsides with comforters. Depending on the fill power, your comforter may not be as warm as your duvet. For this reason, some people opt to purchase a different comforter or use an extra blanket during the winter months. 

Which Bedding Option Is Best

Ultimately, you’re the only person who can answer the question of is it better to buy a duvet or a comforter. However, there are some tips you should consider when selecting the best bedding. If battling the cold is a motivating factor, a duvet might be the way to go, as they’re generally thicker and warmer than comforters. On the other hand, if you’re a hot sleeper or someone who suffers from night sweats on the regular, you’ll likely do better with a light comforter and a spare blanket you can toss off when you get overheated. 

Of course, shopping for bedding isn’t just about function. The best bedding is also aesthetically pleasing, ensuring you feel happy whenever you walk through your bedroom door and have no trouble drifting off to sleep. The good news is that online shops like Latest Bedding offer a wide selection of luxury comforters in all the hottest colors, styles, and patterns. So you don’t have to settle for a bedding item that doesn’t fill you with joy.

When you choose a comforter, you also enjoy the benefit of convenience. That’s because luxury comforters often come as part of a set that includes coordinating bedding items. Depending on the product and brand you select, your set might include matching pillow shams, a bed skirt, and even decorative pillows. Some sets go further, offering sheets and window treatments as well. So you can save time on shopping without sacrificing when it comes to style. On the other hand, duvets are generally sold alone and require you to purchase other pieces, including a duvet cover. 

It’s worth noting that the cost of duvets and comforters can vary significantly, with better-known brands often featuring a higher price tag. If you prefer duvets or comforters made with down filling, you can expect to pay more than you would for those manufactured with synthetics. In general, opting for a comforter set tends to be more economical, as you won’t have to purchase multiple additional items separately. 

Care requirements is another factor to evaluate when deciding whether duvets or comforters best meet your needs. While duvet covers are machine washable, the same may not be true for that down duvet. Typically, comforters can be washed in the machine, but they do take up a lot of space. So individuals with smaller washers may struggle to launder a comforter at home.

How to Spot a Good Quality Comforter or Duvet

So how do you choose a good-quality comforter or duvet? Here are some keys to evaluating potential bedding items and determining which option best meets your needs.

Fill Power

If warmth is a key consideration for your bedding, you probably want to take a look at the fill power of potential purchases. Fill is a measure of the amount of space down takes up in a comforter, with higher fills correlating with warmer comforters. For example, a fill power of 600 or higher suggests that a comforter or duvet is extra toasty. Note that down duvets with high fill powers aren’t necessarily heavier. So you can still enjoy the light, lofty feel of your bedding if you go this route. 


When it comes to bedding, not all products are created equal. If you want to know your comforter will last for years without losing shape, seek out pieces with baffle-box construction. This feature indicates that the product has an internal fabric that keeps the fill spread out properly. As a result, your comforter filling won’t bunch up in the night. You can also assess the thread count of the outer fabric to see whether it meets your needs and preferences. 


When it comes to quality bedding, some brands are simply better than others. If you want to feel confident in your comforter choice, we recommend opting for a manufacturer who’s well known in the field and has a reputation for excellence. For example, suppliers like J Queen New York, Rose Tree, Croscill, and Waterford have all won acclaim for their luxury comforter sets and accessories. You can find these and other brands in Latest Bedding’s online shop. 

Best Luxury Comforter Sets at Latest Bedding

If you’ve decided a comforter is right for you, then you can feel confident knowing Latest Bedding offers plenty of sets by brand-name suppliers. Save time perusing the aisles of the big box store while creating a space where all the elements work together in harmony. Here are some of the most popular sets currently available in our online inventory:

Bebejan Kyle Black 100% Cotton 230 Thread Count 5-Piece Reversible Comforter Set

Herringbone is a popular look for the New Year, so it’s no surprise that the Kyle 5-Piece Reversible Comforter Set is turning heads. Created by beloved designer Bebejan, this set offers unisex appeal thanks to the tweed pattern and geometric print. So you can confidently place it in a master bedroom, a teen’s room, or a guest room. The colors are also soothing and include shades of black and grey. With a thread count of 230, this 100 percent cotton sateen comforter is perfect for all seasons. It’s also reversible and comes with two shams with zipper closes and two decorative pillows, one of which boasts embroidery and a tufted button. A bonus bag completes this popular set and offers an easy storage option.

Bebejan Delphine Blue 100% Cotton 230 Thread Count 5-Piece Reversible Comforter Set

Perhaps you’re looking for a more soothing bedding choice. If you love warm florals but want to avoid traditional shades like pink and red, this Bebejan comforter set is sure to please. The Delphine Blue collection is made with 100 percent cotton sateen and boasts a thread count of 230. The front side of the comforter features a floral pattern in navy, white, and olive, while the reverse side provides a faux denim texture. This contemporary set includes two reversible shams, one embroidered and one printed decorative pillow, and a bonus bag for easy storage. It’s a great choice for boosting your mood on those chilly winter nights. 

Provence Stone 4-Piece Comforter Set By J Queen

Traditionalists are likely to appreciate this four-piece collection from J Queen. Featuring an on-trend woven damask pattern, the Provence Stone set comes in serene shades like stone and chocolate which are sure to complement any bedroom and meld beautifully with your existing decor. Along with being custom cut and sewn by hand, the comforter is oversized and overfilled to keep you warm on even the coldest of nights. Chenille foulard piping adds extra elegance and finishes the look. Additionally, this collection comes with two matching padded pillow shams featuring hidden zippers and two-inch flange. A stone-colored chenille bed skirt with striping completes the set while hiding the area under the bed from view. 

Toscano Black 4-Piece Comforter Set By J Queen

Dramatic yet fashion forward, the Toscano Black 4-Piece Comforter Set from J Queen is a great choice for 2023 and beyond. Along with moody black chenille, this collection gets extra style points from shades of earthy terracotta, one of the hottest hues for the New Year. Along with the striking comforter, the set comes complete with matching pillow shams and a simple yet elegant black bed skirt. It’s easy to add accessories thanks to the simple color palette. Choose from sizes queen, king, and California king. 

Arezzo Blue 6-Piece Comforter Set

Waterford is a favorite among bedding aficionados, and for good reason. At once stylish and well crafted, Waterford pieces are built to last. Those seeking a truly luxurious comforter set will surely appreciate the brand’s Arezzo Blue 6-Piece Comforter Set. Sleek and sophisticated, the collection includes an interlaced tile pattern in dusty blue reversing to a blue mini ogee jacquard design. Along with the comforter, buyers receive two pillow shams that are fully reversible and a tailored bed skirt with textured stripes in blue and ivory and a blue border. Two Euro shams complete this stunning set. Euro sham inserts are available for an extra cost. You can also pick up a throw pillow set for an added fee.

Shop Luxury Comforter Sets at Latest Bedding

Latest Bedding was founded with a simple belief – that everyone deserves to own high-end, beautiful bedding items regardless of their budgetary limitations. A division of Zako LLC, our brand sells a wide array of home decor products, from luxury comforter sets to duvet covers, sheets, window treatments, decorative pillows, and bed skirts. Additionally, we pride ourselves on stocking top brands including J Queen New York, Bebejan, Donna Sharp, and Waterford. Shop online today and discover the advantages of better bedding. We look forward to helping you get more rest.