These Are the Best 6 Trending Bedroom Colors for 2024

Choosing the right bedroom palette is no easy feat. Not only do you want to select shades that show off your unique sense of style while melding with your existing decor, but you also want to choose hues that stand the test of time. And of course, you want to paint your bedroom walls a color that sparks joy when you walk through the door after a long day. At Latest Bedding, we’re passionate about creating stylish rooms for every member of the family. Looking for tips on giving your space a much-needed reno in celebration of the New Year? Read on to discover the latest bedroom color trends along with suggestions for coordinating your luxury comforter set to go with your walls.

How Bedroom Color Affects Mood

When was the last time you woke up in a good mood? If you regularly feel less than invigorated in the morning – or struggle to fall asleep at night - it might be time to give your bedroom a refresh. In fact, research shows that the color of your walls can have a significant effect on mood, impacting how you think, feel, and sleep. 

According to color psychology, selecting bedroom hues with care can influence everything from mood to behavior and even reduce your stress levels over time. In general, cooler colors are associated with feelings of calm. These include shades of blue, green, and purple. On the other hand, warmer hues can make you feel energized and increase overall happiness. Colors that are thought of as warm include red, pink, orange, and yellow. Finally, neutral hues like white signify cleanliness and purity. Ultimately, the right wall shade is whichever one works for you. 

It’s worth noting that color psychology is particularly important in the bedroom. Note only is this the place where you sleep – something that requires calm and relaxation – but it’s also a room that gets a great deal of use. Between dressing, reading, studying, and watching TV, many of us spend up to nine hours a day in the bedroom, so it’s only logical to ensure this space meets your needs and fills your heart with happiness. And of course the color should work as well for your spouse or sleep partner as it does for you.

Top Wall Colors for a Stylish New Year

Need some help selecting the optimal wall color? If so, you’re not alone. Keeping up with the changing styles and trends can be a challenge, particularly since what’s popular varies from year to year. Fortunately, Latest Bedding is there to supply tips on choosing a new wall shade and pairing it with our designer comforter sets. Here are just a few of the bedroom colors expected to turn heads in the coming months:


Persimmon Color

Feminine yet unexpected, persimmon color has a warm energy thanks to tones of pink and coral. As a result, it’s sure to imbue you with life and vitality no matter how dark your day gets. Wondering how to choose bedding that melds seamlessly with this shade? We’re big fans of choosing bedding with pink accents, such as the BEBEJAN GARDEN BOUQUET 100% COTTON 5-PIECE REVERSIBLE COMFORTER SET. Alive with bold peonies, roses, and hydrangeas, this classic floral set features shades of pink, peach, and green against a creamy backdrop. However, the whole collection reverses to a soothing tonal printed linen texture. The result is two different bedroom looks for the price of one. Along with the reversible 100 percent cotton comforter, this set includes two matching reversible pillow shams, an 18-inch by 18-inch embroidered pillow, a 12-inch by 18-inch printed pillow, and a reusable fabric tote. Stow your bedding items when not in use or use the bag for another purpose. It’s yours to do as you wish. Note that this set is available in sizes queen and king. It’s machine washable and dryable. 


Topaz Color

Reminiscent of bold shades like burnt sienna and terracotta, topaz color is a more subdued option that’s perfect for decorators with refined tastes. Trendy yet classic, it looks great in master bedrooms as well as guest rooms and other parts of the home, like living rooms and dens. Wondering what bedding to choose to accent this fresh look? The Garden Bouquet comforter collection also pairs beautifully with a topaz color wall. However, those looking for another option should try the BEBEJAN BLUSH FLOWERS 100% COTTON 5-PIECE REVERSIBLE COMFORTER SET on for size. This stunning set by Bebejan features warm hues of rouge and gold against a chocolate brown backdrop. Oversized for added coziness, the printed comforter is reversible, with the back side showcasing a simple yet classic textural print. Crafted from 100 percent cotton sateen, it comes complete with two reversible pillow shams, a square decorative pillow, an oblong embroidered pillow, and a bonus bag you can toss in the washer. It’s a great choice for those who appreciate the romance of florals but want something more gender-neutral in the bedroom.


Cracked Pepper Color

White walls may be the norm in the bedroom. However, there’s something endlessly soothing about opting for a darker palette in this part of the home. One of the top trending hues for the New Year, cracked pepper is a grey-brown hue that promises both style and sophistication. While there are plenty of luxury bedding collections to pair with this deep neutral, we’re big fans of contrasting the darkness of the wall with the warmth and light of the BEBEJAN PEACH LEAVES ON SAGE 100% COTTON 5-PIECE REVERSIBLE COMFORTER SET. Rich and vibrant, the collection features shades of sage green, bronze peach, and soft beige in a printed peach leaf pattern. With light sprigs of wispy branches on the reverse side, there are plenty of options for styling. Fold down the top of the bedding for contrast or flip the entire comforter over on days when you feel like a change. Additionally, this soothing set comes complete with a tonal peach graphic embroidered pillow, a printed pillow, and two matching reversible shams. A reusable self-fabric tote is included as a bonus item. Note that all the pieces in this collection are crafted from 100 percent cotton sateen and can be washed in the machine.


Prefer a more calming bedding option? You’re sure to sleep easy with the BEBEJAN SMOKY BLUE GARDEN 100% COTTON 5-PIECE REVERSIBLE COMFORTER SET. As relaxing as it is lovely, the design features sketched flowers in shades of blush, beige, and burgundy, all resting on a greyish-blue background. Available in sizes queen and king, the set reverses to a neutral beige with navy sketch outlines. At once versatile and on-trend, the collection is a great choice for master bedroom color ideas and guest suites alike. As a bonus, each collection comes complete with two reversible shams, a burgundy printed pillow, and a beige embroidered pillow. A fabric storage tote finishes off the set and provides an easy option for stowing bedding when not in use. 


Masquerade Color

A warm, soft beige with hints of cinnamon, masquerade is a popular hue for 2024 and a great option for those who think traditional neutrals are on the dull side. So it’s an ideal choice for home decorators who want to leave shades like tan and grey in the dust. Looking for a cotton comforter set to shine against your masquerade walls? You can’t go wrong with the BEBEJAN BLOOM PURPLE 100% COTTON 5-PIECE REVERSIBLE COMFORTER SET. This jewel-toned collection boasts a creamy white backdrop exploding with plum and amethyst flowers. Show the flowers in all their glory or flip the set over to reveal a more subdued neutral reverse side – either will look exceptional with your new room color. Along with a 100 percent cotton comforter, the Bloom Purple set comes with a pair of reversible pillow shams, an embroidered pillow, and a printed pillow. A self-fabric tote is included for stowing bedding when not in use. 


Limitless Neutral Color

Bold wall colors aren’t for everyone. Some people sleep best in a space that’s more neutral. A fun twist on the tradition, limitless neutral is a soft shade reminiscent of creamy white roses and butterscotch pudding. The good news is this hue works well with just about every comforter color and print in our online shop. Want a look that’s striking yet soothing? Consider the BEBEJAN DELPHINE BLUE 100% COTTON 5-PIECE REVERSIBLE COMFORTER SET. Boasting a navy backdrop with unexpected florals in white and olive, this piece is at once modern and ageless. As a bonus, it’s reversible, so you can flip the bedding to show the faux denim side when you need a change of pace. Shoppers should note that this collection includes two reversible shams, an embroidered decorative pillow, a printed pillow, and a fabric tote bag. Select from sizes queen and king for this set, which is machine washable for customer convenience. 

Benefits of designer bedding sets

There are many reasons that our customers prefer to sleep in 100 percent cotton bedding over other materials on the market. Light and breathable, cotton allows heat and moisture to pass through. As a result, sleepers don’t have to worry about waking up in a pool of sweat or struggling to fall asleep because they’re overheated. No matter how high the temperature rises, you’ll stay cool and comfortable. And because 100 percent cotton is hypoallergenic, it’s a great choice for anyone with sensitive skin. Whether you suffer from rashes, hives, or other forms of irritation, cotton will protect your complexion so you wake up looking and feeling refreshed. We love the idea of pairing your cotton comforter set with 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheets by Pure Parima or another top brand. 

A great choice for those seeking high-end cotton bedding on a budget, Bebejan has been outfitting master bedrooms for years. This Australian bedding giant is renowned for using 100 percent cotton sateen and other top materials. Additionally, the brand wins acclaim for showcasing trending paint colors for bedrooms and bold patterns printed right on the fabric. And because each Bebejan comforter set includes additional pieces, such as shams and decorative pillows, customers save both time and money. Why spend hours browsing the big box stores for bedding when you can purchase a complete collection from the comfort of your home?

Finally, Bebejan bedding is the perfect choice for 2024 because it gives you options. Each cotton comforter is reversible, offering a bolder print on the front and a more subdued pattern on the reverse side. Simply flip it over when the mood strikes. The result is more choice and a better night’s rest. 

Discover the Benefits of a Great Night’s Sleep

Latest Bedding was founded with a simple goal – to give every member of the family the gift of a great night’s rest. We believe that everyone deserves access to luxury bedding, not just those with the ability to pay. That’s why we’re proud to stock a range of home decor products by all the top designers, including Bebejan, J Queen New York, Croscill, Waterford, Rose Tree, Donna Sharp, and Pine Cone Hill. Additionally, customers can find accessories in an array of colors and prints. Outfit your space with Egyptian cotton sheets, stylish window treatments, coordinating pillow shams, throw blankets, and more. We look forward to helping you transform your space into a stylish haven you’ll long to retreat to after a hard day’s work.