Beautiful Full Size Comforter Sets For The Excited Coming Summer

Summer is the perfect time to switch up your aesthetic, and that doesn’t just apply to your hair and wardrobe. The warm nights also offer a great excuse to change the appearance of your home. And what area of your house is more important than the bedroom where you spend eight or nine hours a day? Whether your primary bedroom is just for sleep or also a spot you use for reading, relaxing, studying, and engaging in hobbies, it’s crucial that this space reflects your unique taste and preferences. You can’t expect to get sufficient sleep if being in your room is unpleasant or even stressful. The good news is shopping for a new full-size comforter set offers an easy, affordable way to give your room a facelift of sorts. At Latest Bedding, we’re passionate about helping customers find stylish bedding that’s built to last and sure to impress visitors. Read on to learn more about comforter sizing along with tips on selecting the right bedding for your needs. 

Get to Know How Comforter Sizing Works

When shopping for a new comforter, it’s important to do your homework. And unless you’re planning to replace your mattress, the first step is determining what size comforter will best fit your existing bed. The good news is most high-quality designer comforters are made to fit a standard mattress size. Below are measurements for some of the most popular mattresses and comforters on the market:

Twin: A twin mattress measures 39 inches by 75 inches and works best with a twin comforter, which measures about 66 to 68 inches wide by 86 to 88 inches long. Note that the bedding will drape slightly over the sides of the mattress for a look that’s more aesthetically pleasing. Twin beds are most commonly used in rooms for kids and teens. 

Twin XL: Offering a longer length suited to taller teens and adults, a twin XL mattress is around 39 inches wide by 80 inches long. For best results, choose a twin XL comforter, which is about 68 inches wide by 90 inches long. Note that this size bed is commonly found in college dorms. 

Full: Also known as a double, a full-size mattress comes in at 54 inches by 75 inches. Meanwhile, a standard full comforter measures 81 to 84 inches by 86 to 88 inches. This bed size works well for single adults, couples with slighter frames, and anyone residing in a smaller bedroom that might not fit a queen or a king bed.

Queen: With a measurement of 60 inches by 80 inches, a queen mattress is a luxurious bedroom choice. Opt for a queen comforter, which tends to measure 96 inches by 100 inches. 

This mattress size is one of the most popular selections among couples. 

King: Also known as an Eastern King, this mattress measures 76 inches by 80 inches. Pair it with a standard king comforter measuring 102 inches wide by around 88 inches long. 

California King: Those needing even more space may want to invest in a California, or Western King. Measuring 72 inches by 84 inches, this bed works best with California king comforters measuring around 110 inches by 98 inches. 

Ultimately, the right comforter size is whichever one fits your mattress and your lifestyle. If you prefer the luxury of a queen comforter on a full bed, feel free to choose that option. Similarly, some sleepers opt for a king comforter on a queen bed. 

How Bedding Affects Sleep

Do you struggle with insomnia? If so, you probably know that mattresses can play a key role in your ability to sleep well. However, you might not realize that bedding also has a significant effect on rest and relaxation. If your sheets and comforters are itchy, scratchy, heavy, stifling, or poorly constructed, you might find yourself tossing and turning rather than drifting off to dreamland. After all, it’s hard to sleep when your bedding is rough and pilling. Similarly, bedding with the wrong weight or fill power may not work well depending on the climate in which you live. Along with bedding size, here are some of the most critical factors to consider when choosing a new comforter set:


Arguably the most essential consideration for bedding, material impacts how your comforter looks and feels against your skin. For example, many sleepers prefer cotton because it’s a breathable fabric that allows heat and moisture to pass right through. So sleepers don’t have to worry about waking up damp with sweat on hot nights. Additionally, certain bedding options are beloved for being hypoallergenic. If your skin tends to be sensitive or reactive, a hypoallergenic comforter set may be the way to go. And of course cotton is always a great option for guests whose preferences you might not know.


No one wants to invest in a new comforter set only to have it fall apart in the wash. Fortunately, selecting high-quality comforters made from cotton and other durable fabrics helps ensure they go the distance. Additionally, certain materials are less likely to pill. The result is a more comfortable night’s sleep free from itching or irritation. 


Those who live in cooler parts of the world – or want a lighter comforter for summer – will likely want to pay close attention to fill power. Referring to the volume that an ounce of material takes up, fill volume impacts how heavy and warm a comforter is. If you want a fresh, cooling option for the bedroom, consider a fill of around 300 GSM. On the other hand, fills of 500 or so may be better for cold climates. 


Of course, choosing quality bedding isn’t just about fabric and fill. If your comforter set isn’t pleasing to the eye, you’re unlikely to get a good night’s rest. Fortunately, companies like Latest Bedding offer a wide selection of products. Sort on the site by designer, color, or material to find a full-size comforter set that fits your bed and your taste.

Why Choose a Full Size Comforter Set

When shopping for new bedding, customers have two main options: purchase items a la carte or buy them as a set. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and either route can result in a beautifully appointed bedroom. However, if time is a precious resource, shopping for full size comforter set may be the way to go. 

Generally, when you purchase a new comforter collection, you receive several coordinating items in one package. While each brand is different, the average full-size comforter set features a comforter and two pillow shams. However, some sets may include additional pieces such as bed skirts, decorative pillows, and even window treatments to fill out a room. All the pieces go together seamlessly so you don’t have to scour the internet for options. 

Additionally, going the bedding set route can help save you money. Investing in a full-size comforter set will cost less than purchasing the pieces one by one. So you can redirect funds to another aspect of your home decor. 

The good news is comforter collections are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles from classic to contemporary, modern to boho, romantic to cottage core. You can find options for men, women, teens, couples, and even kids. Additionally, Latest Bedding carries items by many of the top bedding brands, such as Bebejan, J Queen, Rose Tree, Pine Cone Hill, and Croscill. With a little searching, you can find an option that works for you and your bedmate. 

Summer’s Most Stunning Full Size Comforter Sets

Looking for a new full-size comforter set to usher in the coming sunny days? The below sets are perfect for freshening up your room while helping you stay cool all summer long.

When it comes to cool yet cozy bedding, it’s hard to beat 100 percent cotton sateen. So it’s no surprise that this Madison Park stunner is a winner. Crafted from 500 thread count 100 percent cotton, the collection features a removable duvet cover for easy laundering. Corner ties and a zipper closure ensure the duvet stays in place all night long. Plus, the embroidered border offers a finish that’s both elegant and exciting. Along with a duvet cover, this collection comes complete with a comforter insert, two shams, and a decorative pillow. And because the entire set is OEKO-TEX certified, you don’t have to worry about harmful substances or chemicals getting into your bedding. You’ll sleep easy knowing your bedding is safe and healthful. 


Looking for a bedding option that’s both cool and striking? The Generated 5-Piece Comforter Set from Madison Park is a great way to go. Showcasing a fresh botanical print with a black base, the comforter reverses to a solid black that’s sure to meld well with your existing decor. Featuring a cotton shell with hypoallergenic polyester filling, the comforter is complemented by two matching shams and two decorative pillows. Along with being hypoallergenic to protect sleepers’ hair and skin, the set boasts antimicrobial odor protection to inhibit the growth of bacteria. And because it’s machine washable, you don’t have to worry about having pieces dry cleaned. Note that this attractive collection comes in sizes full/queen and king/California king. It ships free. 


Jumping on the cotton bandwagon, this set by Ink+Ivy is sure to offer stylish comfort 365 days a year. Made from 100 percent cotton and featuring a polyester fill, the collection boasts trending hues like grey and yellow in a modern stripe pattern. Pompom details and trim add an element of whimsy, while hidden bar tacks allow for a clean, duvet-like finish. And because the comforter has a solid grey reverse side, decorators can opt to fold the top down for some extra interest or flip it when they need a change. Along with a comforter, the collection includes coordinating shams with overlap openings. The entire set is OEKO-TEX certified to help sleepers stay healthy year round. Choose from sizes full/queen and king/California king for this set, which is machine washable. 


Light and airy, an ivory comforter set is delightful for the warm summer nights ahead. And thanks to its floral watercolor pattern, the Clara Ivory Set provides plenty of farmhouse charm as well. The collection’s pretty floral pattern is hand painted and boasts shades of sage green, lavender, and persimmon. Crafted from breathable 100 percent cotton, it’s sure to keep sleepers cool no matter how high temperatures rise. Along with a comforter, this set from Piper Wright comes with matching shams that are padded for extra comfort and made with zipper closures. It’s a great choice for bringing the outside in and feeling like you’re sleeping in a meadow. Want to augment your look? Pick up some of the matching Clara Throw Pillows for an extra cost. The set comes in full/queen and king/California king. 


Prefer a bedding set with some extra elegance? It’s hard to beat the beauty and style of chenille damask. Manufactured by Madison Park, the Viola 3-Piece Tufted Cotton Comforter Set marries the shabby with the chic. Boasting shades of ivory and taupe, the damask design from the comforter is replicated on the matching shams. The entire collection is OEKO-TEX certified with 100 percent polyester filling, so sleepers can feel confident it’s made free from harmful substances. It’s worth noting that chenille does shed a little during the first few washes. However, the material is built to last and will hold up for years. Customers can select from sizes full/queen and king/California king for this set, which is machine washable to save on dry cleaning costs. Enjoy free shipping on your purchase. 


Love a boho look in the bedroom? If so, you’ll be hard pressed to find a full-size comforter set as perfect as the Marta 3-Piece Flax Linen Collection. Showcasing classic hues like white and black, the set boasts a diamond print and textured trim. The result is a globally inspired bedding collection that works as well in a master bedroom as it does a guest suite or teen’s room. Made from cotton and faux linen, the set is sure to keep sleepers cool even when the mercury soars. As a bonus, this set can be washed at home in the machine. 

Marino 5-Piece Jacquard Comforter Set 

Just because you can’t get away to the seashore this summer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to bring a little beachiness into your life. Enter the Madison Park Marino Comforter Collection. Featuring watery stripes of blue, grey, and cream with a dark blue reverse side, the comforter is accompanied by matching pillow shams. Additionally, this farmhouse-inspired set comes with an oblong decorative pillow and a square decorative pillow. So you can spend less time shopping the box stores for bedding and more time enjoying your beautiful new space. Featuring hypoallergenic polyester filling, the comforter is antimicrobial and machine washable. It comes in sizes full/queen and king/California king. 


A classic for a reason, cream bedding melds well with just about any furniture style and decor. So it’s no surprise that customers seeking a new full-size comforter set frequently choose this classic option from Pipe Wright. The Lillian Comforter is made from clipped white cotton jacquard fabric and boasts a timeless lattice design. At once soft and textured, the overfilled and oversized comforter is cozy without being stifling, making it ideal for hot summer nights. It comes with two matching pillow shams to complete your bedding look. However, those looking to augment their space can pick up additional items, such as matching decorative throw pillows and window treatments, for an extra fee. 


Technically a coverlet rather than a comforter, this quilt set is a lovely lightweight option for spring and summer. A throwback to traditional Americana decor, this white and navy design from Pine Cone Hill is reminiscent of picnics on sandy beaches. And with its subtle texture, it’s sure to add interest to a room. We especially love how this piece looks folded at the foot of the bed. Simply pull it up the next time you feel like a midday nap. Made from 100 percent cotton, the Birch Point Quilt is machine washable. It ships free.

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