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    For those who appreciate a southwestern inspired aesthetic or want to create the feeling of staying in a lodge, rustic bedding sets are the perfect way to bring the essence of the mountains into your home. You don’t have to have your own cabin or mountain house to experience the cozy, warm feeling of curling up in a lodge. 

    Introducing rustic bedding into your room can immediately transport you to the mountains and keep you toasty while you rest. If you own a lodge or a cabin, even better! Rustic bedding will make your getaway home feel like the quintessential mountain retreat.

    Want the Mountain Look?

    There are many ways to capture the look and feel of a mountain lodge in your bedroom, however the best place to start is by selecting rustic bedding, then using those colors to build out the rest of your decor.

    Rustic, mountain-inspired bedding contains a range of aesthetics spanning southwestern geometric patterns to traditional farmhouse styles. The common theme among these style variations are often warm earth tones, and they are nicely complemented by simpler area rugs or curtains. For a more subtle rustic alternative, you can incorporate cozy, rustic pillows or decorative cabin throw blankets with your solid bedding.

    Many times neutral or earth-tone colors make excellent paint choices for your lodge inspired bedroom. Rustic bedding typically works well paired with wood furniture, which also reflects that rugged mountain style. A lodge quilt or comforter draped over a sturdy wood bed with a rustic headboard will make your bedroom feel like you stepped into a lodge from the great outdoors.

    What Kind of Bedding is Good for a Cabin?

    Modern rustic bedrooms rely on high-quality, cozy rustic bedding to create that warm cabin feel. Many quilts incorporate elements of nature, including bears, pine cones or pine trees, moose, and images of cabins while others use plaid, southwestern geometric pints, and traditional patchwork to establish a welcome, inviting mood.

    In colder climates, it’s helpful to use both a rustic comforter and a quilt to create a plush, warm sleeping space, however in warmer climates you may only need one or the other. You can also change out your fluffy comforter set for a more lightweight farmhouse quilt as the seasons change. 

    For cabin bedding, earth tones go a long way and extra pillows in matching shams can really tie your cabin aesthetic together. If your rustic bedding features bold colors, then a neutral palette will be helpful to decorate the rest of the room, specifically rugs, curtains, and furniture. Natural textures, like wood, accentuate the modern lodge look very nicely, as do brass and iron fixtures. 

    Alternatively, you can use throw pillows, blankets, and decor to create a more demure version of a traditional cabin bedroom with solid bedding and area rugs as your base.

    Lodge Comforters and Rustic Bedding Sets

    Adding a lodge comforter or rustic bedding set to your bedroom can immediately transform your space into a cozy safe haven that is warm and inviting, helping you relax and sleep more deeply each night. The best way to create your mountain lodge is to lean into your own unique taste; there is no right or wrong way to create a cabin bedroom. Even pulling just one design element from the rustic theme can really enhance your bedroom.

    The best place to start with your rustic space is by beginning with a lodge quilt or comforter. Furniture, area rugs, and light fixtures are incredibly expensive to replace and can be difficult and time consuming to swap out. By investing in high-quality, luxurious rustic bedding, you can change up the look and feel of your room in minutes without spending a lot of money.

    Choose a quilt or a comforter that best reflects your personal style and the aspects of lodge bedding that appeal to you most and work your way out from there. If you continue to fall more in love with the mountain feel, you can always lean more heavily into cabin decor down the line. The best part of rustic decor is that it can suit everyone in a very different way, and it’s certainly not about perfection. 

    Southwestern Bedding Styles for Everyone

    You certainly do not have to live in the southwest or on a ranch to enjoy the warm, rugged aesthetic of southwestern bedding and rustic ranch style furniture. Adding southwestern bedding to your bedroom can incorporate the same feeling of being on a ranch retreat into your home. You can choose a southwestern quilt with a geometric pattern, or decorate your existing solid bedding with decorative throw pillows and blankets that reflect a southwestern style.

    When aiming for a southwestern style bedroom, your rustic quilt or comforter can be the focal point of the space and you can use other textures, like wood, stone, and metal, as well as neutral paint and curtains to pull the room together. Oversized furniture will further help to create the rugged, ranch feel, as will creating a headboard from salvaged or reclaimed barn wood. Whether you’re decorating your largest or smallest bedroom, designing for an adult or a child, or for your seasonal or primary home, the southwestern bedding style is one that suits anybody and everybody and will make your room feel like a sanctuary.

    Where Can I Buy Modern Rustic Bedding?

    While there are many retailers that offer modern rustic bedding, none of them strike the same balance between quality and affordability as Latest Bedding. We believe that you should be able to have the bedroom of your dreams on a budget. Latest Bedding carries countless options to help you create that modern rustic feel in your bedroom, all of which are made by the leading designers in high-end luxury bedding. Not only do we carry quilts and comforters, but we have an enormous array of accessories, like shams, throws, and other decorative additions that make Latest Bedding your one stop shop for designing your modern rustic bedroom.

    Latest Bedding Offers the Best Rustic Bedding Sets on the Market

    At Latest Bedding, we believe that your bedroom should be your cozy place and you shouldn’t have to break the bank to sleep in a warm, Southwestern inspired bedroom. We want you to sleep better at night so you can have better days. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality designer rustic bedding at unbeatable prices. 

    Our cozy rustic bedding options include brand-name comforters and everything else you need to recreate that mountain lodge feel, like decorative pillows, bed skirts, and shams. Want to take it to the next level? Try our Egyptian Cotton Sheets to go with your king, queen, full, or single size farmhouse quilt. At Latest Bedding, our sheets are made from extra-long staple fibers from the Nile River Valley, so you’ll stay cool while you sleep and you can rest assured your sheets will last through hundreds of washes.

    At Latest Bedding, we offer free standard shipping all year round on all of our high-quality rustic bedding. Choose from our huge selection of J. Queen, Waterford, Croscill, and Rose Tree and create that cozy cabin feel no matter where your bedroom may be.


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