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    Velvet has long been a favorite option for shirts, skirts, and dresses. However, home decorators may not realize that this material is also a great choice for the bedroom. At once soft and luxurious, velvet lends style to your space while adding a warmth that’s perfect for chilly nights. It’s hard to feel anything but cozy when you’re curled up in a velvet comforter or coverlet. And of course, velvet throw pillows are ideal for adding charm and elegance to a living room or bedroom. At Latest Bedding, we’re crazy about incorporating rich, sumptuously soft velvet into master bedrooms and guest rooms alike. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of velvet and discover which items are currently available in our online shop. 

    Why Choose Velvet Comforter Sets for Winter

    Have you ever heard the phrase soft as velvet? There’s a reason this fabric is widely regarded as the pinnacle of bedding comfort. Luxe and cozy, velvet bedding is an ideal choice for chilly fall and winter nights due to the fact that it’s heavier than cotton. Whether you live in a cold part of the country or just tend to get chilly while you sleep, a velvet comforter set is the way to go. As a bonus, velvet has a soothing quality. Just running your hands over a velvet blanket or pillow may help you let go of the stresses of the day and prepare for drifting into Dreamland. 

    Best Color for Velvet Comforter Sets

    When it comes to selecting a color for your velvet comforter set, the good news is that the options are virtually endless. Like cotton or linen comforters, velvet bedding comes in an array of hues from classics like blue and purple to less common hues and even prints. Additionally, shoppers can find velvet comforters to match any aesthetic preference from classic to contemporary, romantic to playful. Pair your new bedding with cool, breathable sheets and rest assured knowing your nights will be delightful. 

    Washing Velvet Comforters

    Shoppers sometimes hesitate to choose velvet over other comforter materials on the market. In some cases, they may wonder if velvet bedding can be washed in the machine or if it requires dry cleaning. The good news is that a majority of the velvet comforter sets on the market are machine washable. 

    For best results, wash your velvet bedding using cold water and set the cycle to gentle. Minimizing agitation helps prevent damage to the fabric fibers. We also suggest using a gentle detergent and avoiding fabric softener. Separate out your bedding from clothing items that feature buttons or zippers and wash with similar colors to prevent dye transfer. Finally, we recommend washing velvet alone or with fabrics that don’t produce lint. 

    Most velvet comforters can be dried in the machine on low heat. Using wool dryer balls helps speed up the drying process while keeping bedding fluffy and beautiful. However, some people prefer to air dry their velvet bedding. When in doubt, be sure to follow the directions on the product label.

    Top Velvet Comforters and Accessories From Latest Bedding

    How have you been sleeping lately? Whether your current bedding is lacking in coziness or aesthetically displeasing, it might be time for an upgrade. Fortunately, the latest Bedding has plenty of products  from which to choose. Here are some of the velvet comforters and accessories currently attracting customer attention:

    BelAir Sand 4-Piece Comforter Set By J Queen

    J Queen is well known for supplying luxury comforter sets, so it’s no surprise that this velvet collection is a fan favorite. Crafted from velvet and polyester jacquard, this set features shimmering shades of warm khaki and ivory for an end result that melds well with any design aesthetic. Along with an oversized, overstuffed comforter, the collection includes a bedskirt and tailored pillow shams cut and sewn to match. Zipper closures ensure a smooth touch. Note that the BelAir Set comes in sizes queen, king, and California king. Interested shoppers can purchase extra accessories like curtains, throw pillows, and Euro shams for an added cost.

    Chanticleer Black 4-Piece Comforter Set

    Another four-piece comforter set from J Queen, the Chanticleer Black Collection is both elegant and romantic. Customers are attracted by the plush black velvet fabric with its copper, red, cream, and gold pops. Green leaves finish off the dramatic floral pattern in this look. Along with a 100 percent polyester comforter, the set includes matching hidden zipper pillow shams and a split corner bedskirt with a 15-inch drop. It’s available in sizes queen, king, and California king so you can choose to use it in a master bedroom, guest room, or even a teen’s space. Accent your new purchase with window treatments, decorative throw pillows, and other accessories, all available for an added cost. 

    Aria Raffia Matte Velvet Quilted Pillow

    Sleek and modern, the Aria Quilted Standard pillow is neutral enough to work in any space. However, the velvet fabric ensures the piece is anything but boring. Note that the throw pillow measures 20 by 26 for the standard size. King size runs 36 by 20. 

    Chloe Sea Foam Velvet Diamond Quilted Coverlet

    Who says velvet has to be oppressive? This lightweight yet cozy velvet comforter works well in all seasons. Made from sea foam velvet and silk, the piece is pre-washed and machine washable. It comes in sizes queen and king. 

    Discover the Benefits of Better Bedding

    The temperature may be warm these days, but autumn weather is right around the corner. If you want to get a head start on turning your space into a soothing sanctuary, check out the velvet comforters and bedding accessories currently on sale in our online shop. At Latest Bedding, we’re proud to stock a wide selection of velvet items by J Queen, Lili Alessandra, and more top brands. Additionally, we offer breathable cotton sheet sets so your skin is sure to stay cool and dry no matter how high the temperature rises. Shop our best velvet bedding sets online today. We look forward to showing you that premium bedding truly can be affordable. 


    Q: What are the advantages of a velvet comforter?

    A: Luxurious and elegant: Velvet has a rich, opulent appearance that gives any bedroom decor a sense of sophistication and elegance. It gives the space an opulent and welcoming feel.


    Softness and comfort: Velvet provides a layer of luxury to your bedding and is renowned for its very soft and plush texture, which makes for a snug and comfortable sleeping experience.


    Warmth and insulation: Velvet is a heavy fabric that offers exceptional warmth and insulation, making it perfect for colder seasons. It aids in retaining body heat, keeping you warm and comfortable on frigid evenings.


    Durability: Velvet is a hard-wearing material that retains its plushness and aesthetic after repeated use. It withstands deterioration and keeps its softness and beauty throughout time.


    Q: How can I keep my velvet comforter sets fresh and clean?


    A: Read and Follow Care Instructions: For particular cleaning suggestions, always refer to the manufacturer's care instructions. There might be variations in the maintenance needs for various velvet comforters.


    Dry cleaning: Because velvet is such a delicate fabric, many of them are marked "dry clean only." Your velvet comforter's plushness and appearance can be preserved with professional dry cleaning.


    Spot cleaning: Try spot cleaning your velvet blanket with a light detergent or upholstery cleaner if there are any minor stains or spills. To make sure the cleaner won't damage or discolor anything, test it first on a small, inconspicuous area.


    Avoid excessive washing: Avoid often washing your comforter since velvet might be fragile. The fabric's sheen and texture may be lost if it is washed excessively.


    Air out: Hang your velvet comforter occasionally outside or in a room with good ventilation to let it air out. This aids in odor removal and fabric freshening.


    Storage: Before putting your velvet comforter in a ventilated storage bag or container, ensure it is thoroughly clean and dry if you need to store it. The excessive folding or compression of the comforter can harm the velvet pile.


    Q; Are velvet comforters suitable for people with allergies?


    A: When utilizing a velvet comforter, there are a few things to take into account if you have allergies or sensitivities:


    Allergen Barrier: A velvet comforter with an allergen barrier, such as hypoallergenic qualities or tightly woven materials that act as an allergen barrier, is one to look for. Some velvet comforters are made expressly to withstand allergies and keep them from soaking into the material.


    Regular cleaning: To decrease allergies in your bedding, regular cleaning is crucial. For cleaning the velvet comforter, adhere to the manufacturer's care instructions.


    Proper maintenance: Proper maintenance procedures, in addition to routine cleaning, can help decrease allergies. To get rid of dust and allergens, vacuum your bedroom frequently, paying special attention to the mattress, pillows, and space around your velvet comforter.


    Q: Is hard detergent okay to wash a velvet comforter?

    A: It is not advised to wash a velvet comforter with harsh detergents because doing so could potentially ruin the fabric and change the way it looks and feels. Here are some justifications for avoiding strong detergents:


    Fabric damage: Strong chemicals and enzymes found in harsh detergents can be abrasive and aggressive on delicate textiles like velvet. These detergents may weaken, break, or make the fibers harsh, causing the fabric to lose its softness and take on a worn-out appearance.


    Color fading: The dyes and pigments used to color the velvet fabric can be removed by abrasive detergents. This may cause color fading, which over time will make the blanket appear bland and less colorful.


    Texture alteration: Due to its smooth and soft texture, velvet is well known. The texture of the cloth may change due to the use of harsh detergents, becoming stiff, scratchy, or losing its glossy luster. This can drastically lessen how opulent the velvet comforter feels.


    Q: Can I use a duvet cover with a velvet comforter?


    A: Yes, a duvet cover can be used with a velvet comforter. In actuality, covering a comforter with a duvet is a frequent and useful procedure for a variety of comforter kinds, including velvet comforters. Here are some advantages of utilizing a duvet cover:


    Protection: Your velvet comforter benefits from a duvet cover's protective covering, which helps keep it safe from spills, stains, and everyday wear and tear. If you have pets or young children who might unintentionally make messes or harm the bedding, this is especially helpful.


    Easy maintenance: When compared to washing the complete velvet comforter, duvet covers are often machine washable and are therefore simpler to clean and preserve. To keep your bedding clean and fresh, just take off the duvet cover and wash it as needed.


    Longer lifespan: You may help your velvet comforter last longer by adding a duvet cover. The duvet cover serves as a barrier against dirt, oils, and other elements that may gather over time, lowering the need for frequent washing and safeguarding the comforter's integrity.