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    Brighten Up Your World With a Red Comforter Set

    Color plays a significant role in society and has for centuries. Not only are certain shades used to alert people to danger, but color also affects people’s moods, thoughts, and feelings. While certain colors arouse feelings of alertness or intrigue, others fill people with calm, relaxation, and even serenity. And nowhere is color more important than in the bedroom, where we spend an average of seven to nine hours a day. If your room and bedding colors fail to spark joy or prevent you from sleeping well, there’s a good chance you’ll suffer a lack of motivation and not perform as well at activities like work and school. On the other hand, selecting inspiring shades can influence your mood for the better, ensuring you walk out the door each day feeling rested and recharged. At Latest Bedding, we’re passionate about helping families create affordable, eye-catching bedrooms that marry form and function. Check out these tips for brightening up your bedroom and your world with a bold red comforter set. 

    Why Bedding Color Matters

    Red might not be the most commonly used color in the bedroom. After all, most people opt for neutrals like white, ivory, tan, and grey or more frequently chosen hues like blue or yellow. However, there are plenty of reasons to incorporate this bold and bright shade into the space. Long associated with passion and love, red is also associated with feelings like energy, adventure, excitement, and optimism. And who couldn’t use some more of that these days?

    When selecting new bedding, it’s worth considering red over more traditional options. Dramatic and unexpected, a red luxury comforter set can be just the thing to give your room a fresh feel and separate it from the pack. On the other hand, if you opt for neutral bedding, adding some red accent pillows, curtains, or throw blankets can help make your space pop. The trick is to find ways to style your red bedding so it’s sophisticated, attractive, and reflective of your unique taste and style. 

    How to Style a Red Comforter

    Red is a fun, passionate shade that can add some serious heat to your bedroom. However, using this color incorrectly can yield results that are less than favorable. So how do you style your red comforter set to its best advantage? Check out these tips courtesy of our design team. 

    Think Beyond White Sheets

    Wondering what sheet shade to pair with your new red comforter? While most people default to white and ivory linens, we recommend looking beyond the obvious to find something exceptional. If you want your bedroom to feel romantic, blush pink sheets can soften up your style. On the other hand, you can create contrast by opting for sheets in sky blue or teal. These shades create a pleasantly calming effect that inspires you to rest easy. For best results, add a selection of accent pillows that bring together the shade of your comforter and the shade of your sheets.

    Add Exciting Accents

    Speaking of accents, home decorators shouldn’t be afraid to look for pieces that bring a bit of drama. For example, black is a bold color that looks lovely when paired with red. Tie it all together with some additional bedding pieces in shades of grey.

    Go Bold With Paint

    When styling your red comforter set, it pays to consider the color of your walls as well. While we aren’t advising you to paint your entire room red, though that’s certainly an option, a well-placed accent wall in crimson or scarlet can go a long way toward making your room shine. We also love the way removable wallpaper adds interest and drama to a room, particularly when placed behind a bold brass or leather headboard. 

    Play With Patterns

    Speaking of patterns, an interesting print can take your bedroom to the next level. Add interest in the form of curtains, accent pillows, bedskirts, and even area rugs. Have a red pattern you love? Take the bedding article to the paint store and ask them to incorporate the shade of red into your paint.

    Make Red Your Neutral

    Red is not generally considered a neutral color. However, some savvy designers opt to use it as a neutral in the bedroom. To achieve this effect, opt for a softer shade like burnt red or rust. Then pair it with complementary shades like white, ivory, soft peach, and even sage. Natural woods and real or silk plants help complete the look. 

    Embrace the Dark Side

    Stark shades of red aren’t your only choice for decorating with this bold hue. If you love the idea of a red bedroom but want a more sophisticated palette, we recommend leaning away from colors like fire engine and cherry red and opting for burgundy or maroon. Smart and sophisticated, these shades are sure to bring a smile to your face.

    The Best Bright Red Bedding Set

    A bed is the centerpiece of your room, and the comforter set is arguably the most important item in your bedding arsenal. After all, it typically features bold colors and designs that are likely to draw the eye when you step inside.  If you’re looking for a new red comforter set to beautify your space, take a look at these options available at Latest Bedding. 

    Bebejan Rossana 100% Cotton Sateen 230 Thread Count 5-Piece Reversible Comforter Set

    A boldly beautiful set that does the accessorizing for you, the Bebejan Rossana 5-Piece Reversible Comforter Set comes complete with a comforter, two shams, and two decorative pillows, one of which features a tufted button. This stunning set features an array of shades to complement the red base, including teal, gold, terracotta, and beige. Showcase the intricate paisley pattern or flip the comforter to highlight the bold red side. And because the collection is crafted with 230 thread count 100 percent cotton sateen, you can safeguard your skin while staying warm and cozy all throughout the night. It’s a great choice for those who appreciate their bedding with a dose of elegance. For bonus points, add some accent pillows and blankets in matching shades of gold and teal.

    Chianti Red 4-Piece Comforter Set By J Queen

    Consisting of four separate pieces, the Chianti Red Comforter Set comes with a comforter, two coordinating shams, and a matching bedskirt. Created by acclaimed designer J Queen, the set features a sleek, well-constructed jacquard comforter with sophisticated bordered edges. The alluring modern geometric motif boasts a puff technique which sits on top of lustrous satin. And because the comforter is both oversized and overfilled, sleepers will stay cozy all night long. Note that the pillow shams have matching hidden zipper closures, while the bedskirt is extra long and made with a split corner tailored finish. Want to give your room some added excitement and fun flair? Consider picking up the Chianti accent pillows, shams, and window treatments, available from Five Queens Court for an extra cost. 

    Bebejan Vivvie 100% Cotton Sateen 230 Thread Count 5-Piece Reversible Comforter Set

    Coming from favored brand Bebejan, the Vivvie Comforter Set gets a bohemian flair thanks to the lively tribal-inspired digital print on the comforter. However, the reverse side features a more sedate navy and white pattern for when you’re feeling like a change. Along with the comforter featuring 230 thread count 100 percent cotton sateen, this charming set includes a pair of reversible shams and a set of decorative pillows. Accent this stunning collection with the shades featured in the tribal design, including black, navy, red, and white. 

    Savoy Red Woven Floral 4-Piece Comforter Set

    No one said red bedding had to be stuffy. For a fresh, fun look, our Savoy Red Woven Floral 4-Piece Comforter Set is a logical choice. At once elegant and playful, this collection comes from leading brand Rose Tree and features a large scale allover leaf pattern in spicy red and dusty rose over an off-white textured background. The reverse side features solid off-white. Both the comforter and the coordinating shams boast a corded trim in spicy red, and the shams include bottom button closures. The 18-inch bedskirt has center pleats and a spicy red hue that matches both the comforter and the shams. 

    Biscuit Holly 7-Piece Comforter Set

    Do you dream of spending the cold winter months in a snowy log cabin? Even if you can’t get away right now, this charming set will give you the feeling that you’re tucked away somewhere cozy and warm. The Biscuit Holly Comforter Collection is at once modern and classic, thanks to the buffalo plaid pattern printed on premium herringbone fabric. It comes with coordinating shams to accentuate the mountain lodge aesthetic along with a trio of decorative pillows boasting hand-stitched embroidery. A herringbone bedskirt completes the look while saving you time on shopping. 

    Flanged 12-Piece Comforter Set

    A great choice for those who want to minimize the amount of time they spend searching for bedding accessories, the Flanged Comforter Set comes with 12 separate pieces. A regal choice for those with sophisticated tendencies, the collection boasts a jacquard weave with an updated paisley print. Along with a beautiful burnt red, the colors featured in this set include gold and platinum for subtle sheen. Customers should note that both the comforter and the coordinating shams feature a two-inch flange and half-inch flat piping in red. Additionally, this set differs from other bedding collections on the market in that it comes with a 200 thread count ivory flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. So you don’t have to hunt around for a sheet set that looks beautiful with your new bedding. 

    Discover Luxury for a Price at Latest Bedding

    You don’t have to choose low-end bedding just because you’re working with a limited budget. Launched with a goal of marrying style and quality, Latest Bedding carries an array of luxury comforter sets by all the top brand-name designers. Whether you’re looking for J Queen or Bebejan, Croscil or Rose Tree, you can feel confident knowing our premium products will help beautify your space and keep you warm all year long. Shop online today and start experiencing the joys of beautiful bedding.