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    Bedroom colors are more than just aesthetic choices. Along with reflecting your personality and tastes, the decor you choose can affect your mood, with certain shades leading to feelings of calm and contentment and others causing you to feel energized or motivated. Moreover, choosing the right color and style of bedding can help you get plenty of rest so you start the day recharged and ready to succeed. While the right bedding color is ultimate whichever one works well for you, certain shades reflect the style of the times. Currently, navy blue comforters are a popular option for creating cool, sophisticated spaces that contribute to good sleep. Read on for details on the benefits of navy blue bedding along with tips on finding the right luxury navy blue comforter sets for you. 

    Benefits of Navy Blue Comforters

    There’s a reason navy blue comforters are popular with customers of all ages and genders. Naturally soothing, blue is known to promote feelings of calm. Because of its association with water and sky, shades like navy can even spur relaxation and sleep. For this reason, blue bedding is a great option for those with insomnia. If you want to get more rest in the New Year, a navy blue comforter may be the way to go. 

    Additionally, navy comforter sets get points for their durability. While white and pastel bedding is prone to stains, navy blue bedding maintains its beauty even when it comes into contact with dust, dirt, and bodily oils. Even pet stains won’t show as prominently if you opt for darker bedding shades. If you have small kids or messy teens, a navy comforter set may be the way to go. 

    Finally, the navy has an adaptable quality that makes it an ideal color for the bedroom. While certain bedding shades are hard to match, navy pairs beautifully with a wide array of hues. Along with neutrals like white, ivory, grey, and tan, navy melds with bolder choices like olive green, blush, yellow, and turquoise. So if you’re seeking a multi-hued bedroom, the navy may be a good base color. We’re also fond of the way metallics like silver and gold look against a navy blue backdrop. When you opt for this comforter color, the options for decor and accessories are virtually limitless.

    Are Navy Blue Comforter Sets in Style?

    Thanks to the many benefits associated with this shade, navy blue is a bedroom choice that’s gaining popularity. Here are a couple of fashion-forward ways to utilize navy blue comforter sets in your bedroom to their best advantage. 

    Nature Decor

    Does the sight of nature fill you with joy and inspiration? If so, you may appreciate decorative touches like plants and flowers in the bedroom. The good news is that navy blue pairs perfectly with nature-inspired decor, from succulents in stone pots to natural wood furniture and woven baskets. Additionally, we recommend accenting your navy comforter set with pillows featuring a range of fabrics, including linen, cotton, and even faux leather. 

    Southwest Looks

    Then again, maybe you’re drawn to the rich and vivid beauty of the American Southwest. Navy is a great base color for this design trend, as it looks lovely against southwestern shades like peach, coral, terracotta, tan, brown, and white. It’s also a good idea to incorporate different textures, including cotton, linen, and faux fur. When combined with the right bedding and accessories, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping under a beautiful, navy desert sky. 

    Which Navy Blue Comforter Is Best?

    The popularity of comforters with navy blue means that fans of this classic bedding option have plenty of choices. Whether you’re drawn to modern looks or contemporary, cottage core or log cabin, Latest Bedding has something in stock to stimulate your senses and delight your mind. Here are some of the best navy blue luxury bedding currently available in our online store. 


    Bebejan Delphine Blue 100% Cotton 230 Thread Count 5-Piece Reversible Comforter Set

    From acclaimed bedding brand Bebejan comes the Delphine Blue 100% Cotton Comforter Set. Made from sumptuously soft 230 thread count cotton, this reversible set features a navy, white, and olive floral print on the front and a faux denim texture on the reverse side. Along with the cotton sateen comforter, the collection comes complete with two pillow shams that are also reversible and a pair of printed and embroidered decorative pillows. A bonus bag rounds out the look and gives you a convenient space to store your new treasures when not used. This soft set is great for those who appreciate a contemporary bedroom look. 

    Vaughn Navy/Gold 4-Piece Reversible Comforter Set

    A regal look for those with exceptional taste, the Vaughn Comforter Set comes from beloved designer Waterford. Featuring an array of shades, including deep blue and gold, the collection gets added style points thanks to the over-scaled damask pattern. In addition to the comforter, this striking set comes complete with matching shams and a bedskirt to finish off the look. 

    Coyuchi 7-Piece Comforter Set

    Featuring an impressive seven pieces, the Madison Park Coyuchi 7-Piece Jacquard Comforter Set is perfect for those who want to save time on shopping. When you opt for this modern feeling set, you can skip the trip to the store without sacrificing quality or style. Along with a navy and gray striped geometric print comforter, the collection includes two matching shams, three decorative pillows, and a bedskirt in solid navy. And because this set is machine washable, you won’t have to worry about wasting time at the dry cleaner. It’s a great option for today’s busy adults. 

    Shop Navy Blue Comforters and More at Latest Bedding

    Latest Bedding was founded with the belief that customers shouldn’t have to choose between loving their bedding and protecting their budget. To that end, we offer a wide selection of luxury comforter sets in all the top styles and shades. Choose from an array of navy blue comforters by top designers like Bebejan, Donna Sharp, Ann Gish, and J Queen New York. Additionally, we supply plenty of accessories, including decorative pillows, shams, bedskirts, and window treatments. Shop our collection online today and start getting better sleep.  

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