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    There are few things more essential than a good night’s rest. And while many factors affect your ability to sleep through the night, the right bedroom decor can make a significant difference. Recognizing that we spend around a third of our lives sleeping, savvy shoppers feel that bedding is a wise investment. However, that doesn’t mean choosing the right items is simple. Between color and pattern, fabric and weave, thread count and care requirements, selecting high-quality bedding can be a challenge. In particular, finding the right bedding style takes time and effort. Still, if you’re passionate about modern comforter sets, we’re confident you’ll find something to please at Latest Bedding.

    While modern and contemporary are popular buzzwords in the world of bedding, shoppers often get these terms confused. Although they’re often used interchangeably, the truth is that modern refers to a particular decor style while contemporary refers to designs that are popular at this moment in time. The confusion comes in because styles such as mid century modern are very en vogue at present. Keep reading to learn about the history of modern bedroom design and discover whether a modern comforter set from Latest Bedding can help you love your room again. 


    The History of Modern Decor

    What do you think about when you imagine modern decor? Celebrating the clean, simple, and natural, modern decor originated in a German art school in the early 1900s. However, it grew to prominence in the 1940s, when many people embraced the functionality of mid century modern furniture and decor. While there’s no one thing that makes a bedroom meet the definition of modern, in general this style is both crisp and polished. The color palette tends to be basic, with neutral hues winning acclaim. Additionally, modern design can include the use of a wide range of materials, from natural woods and linens to metal, glass, and even steel. Bold art pieces, dramatic geometric patterns, and sculptural elements also contribute to this style of decor. 

    Why Bedroom Design Matters

    Think bedroom decor is purely superficial? On the contrary, creating a beautiful, carefully designed bedroom can go a long way toward helping you enjoy both your waking and sleeping hours more. And because your bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in the home, it’s only natural to want this area to reflect who you are as an individual. A mismatched bedroom can leave you feeling sad, frustrated, or unable to rest. Read on to learn about how choosing the right bedroom decor can impact your life for the better:

    Sleep Better

    Bedding selection has a profound effect on your ability to sleep. If you don’t choose high-quality, breathable sheets and comforters, you might find yourself overheating or dealing with night sweats. Then again, bedding that’s too thin can leave you feeling cold. If you want to sleep better – and enjoy the health benefits that come with getting sufficient rest – investing in a quality comforter set is a good first step. 

    Feel More Tranquil 

    The right bedding doesn’t just benefit you during the hours while you’re asleep. It also ensures you feel your best during your waking hours. When you create a cozy, aesthetically pleasing bedroom, you guarantee there’s a space you can retreat to away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. This escape is especially important today, when so many of us are dealing with busy work and home lives. 

    Benefit From Color Therapy

    Home designers have long realized that color can have a profound effect on the way your home looks and how you feel when you’re in it. To that end, choosing the right shades for your needs is essential. If you’re looking for a more soothing setup, we recommend calming neutrals like white, ivory, gray, and beige. Cooling colors like blue and green are also associated with peace and harmony. Then again, if you want to feel invigorated or inspired, bright colors like pink or orange may be the better choice. 

    Express Your Taste

    One of the most important reasons to invest time and energy into selecting bedroom decor is that it lets you express who you are as an individual. Your bedroom is an extension of you, and it showcases both your taste and personality. The goal is for this space to spark joy every time you walk through the door. 

    What Are Modern Bedding Sets?

    Wondering if modern bedding and decor is right for you? It might help to learn more about the movement. Traditionally, modernism has embraced the belief that form follows function. In other words, furniture and bedding should be functional first. However, that doesn’t mean appearance is unimportant. While this style involves plenty of clean lines and simple styles, it’s also noteworthy for being beautiful and refreshing. Here are some of the main elements to look for if you want to bring modern design into your home:

    Embrace Neutrals

    Neutral colors are a hallmark of modern design and frequently seen in modern comforter sets and sheets. We’re talking about everything from white and ivory to gray, charcoal, beige, tan, brown, and black. Along with bringing an open, airy quality to your room, a neutral color palette makes it easy to add new accessories and decor.

    Go Bold With Accents

    Of course, modern decor is far from dull. While the primary colors may be basic, modern bedding is all about bold accents. Consider pops of bright and playful shades like red, orange, deep green, and yellow. You can incorporate these hues through items like decorative pillows, throw blankets, and even area rugs. 

    Consider Patterns

    Bedding shoppers should remember that they don’t have to stick to solids. On the contrary, plenty of modern comforter sets include some sort of print or pattern. Stripes, spots, and florals are all popular choices in the world of modern bedding. We also love bedding pieces that incorporate different textures and fabrics. It’s a way of making the room more modern while adding visual interest. 

    What to Look for When Choosing Your Comforter and Sheets

    Clearly bedding plays a big role in your room design. However, it can also have a significant impact on your ability to sleep through the night without tossing and turning. Here are some elements to consider when selecting cozy modern bedding:

    Bedding Texture

    An often overlooked aspect of bedding, texture can have a significant impact on both the comfort and aesthetics of your space. While thread count gets a lot of attention in the bedding world, fabric weave is equally important if not more so. Depending on your tastes, you may prefer crisp percale sheets or silky soft sateen. Similarly, you can choose comforters that feature texture in the form of ruching or pintucks. It’s a great way to add interest to your space while reducing the odds of wrinkling. 

    Comforter Fill

    It’s hard to love your bedding if you’re constantly feeling too warm or too cold. Satisfy even the most selective of tastes by choosing a comforter filling with care. One of the most desirable fills, down comes from ducks or geese and offers a light, fluffy, warm-feeling night’s sleep. However, those who prefer down alternatives may be more comfortable with polyester microfiber. In particular, this option is great for those who suffer from allergies as it can typically be washed in a machine. 

    Care Instructions

    Speaking of washing your bedding, it’s a good idea to review the care instructions prior to buying. While some people are comfortable bringing their bedding to the dry cleaner periodically, others prefer items they can wash at home. Do your research to ensure you’re not investing in a product that won’t meet your needs over the long term. 


    These days, plenty of us are looking for ways to save money on bedding and other items for the home. However, this is one area where it makes sense to splurge. After all, if you want to enjoy more nights of restful sleep, you need to choose brand-name sheets and comforter sets made from high-quality fabrics. The good news is that Latest Bedding offers designer pieces at prices not found at other retailers. 


    Contemporary Comforter Sets

    No matter how much you loved your bedding when you first purchased it, the time comes when you’re ready for a change. With stress and strife coming at us from all sides, it really is the perfect time to toss the old luxury comforter sets in favor of something new and exciting. Great for bringing a modern flair to your space, contemporary comforter sets feature an array of decorative touches, from bold black and white patterns to soothing neutrals, geometrics, and textured fabrics. Ready for a change of scenery? Check out these stunning luxury comforter sets courtesy of the team at Latest Bedding:

    Axel Black 3-Piece Comforter Set By J Queen

    A striking collection from acclaimed designer J Queen, the Axel Black 3-Piece Comforter Set is guaranteed to draw the eye. Featuring a bold yet sophisticated style, the 100 percent linen-like slub cotton comforter gets added style points thanks to a modern textured herringbone graphic in shades of black and charcoal. The end result is both soothing and dramatic. And because the overfilled, oversized comforter is reversible, you can mix things up when you feel like a change. Along with the comforter, this set includes two softly padded pillow shams to tie your bedding together. It’s a great choice for a master bedroom, a guest room, or a teenager’s space. 

    Beatrice Rose Coverlet By J Queen

    Of course, modern bedding doesn’t have to lean toward the masculine. This oversized floral print coverlet from J Queen proves that contemporary designs can also be fun and flirty. Featuring a pink backdrop, this lovely piece showcases an array of flowers in shades of rose, blue, and green. Horizontal stripe quilting adds a finished look to this set. As a bonus, the set is machine washable to save you time and energy. 

    Cordoba Forest 3-Piece Comforter Set By J Queen

    Neutrals might be common in the modern bedding world. However, sometimes the situation calls for a little more color. Created by J Queen, the Cordoba Forest 3-Piece Comforter Set boasts an array of bold shades, including turquoise, green, and teal, set in a dramatic horizontal stripe pattern. As a bonus, this set is made from 100 percent cotton to protect your skin and keep you cool and dry on even the hottest of nights. The oversized comforter is overfilled for added plushness, and reverses to a coordinating solid side. The set comes with two matching pillow shams. 

    Kennedy Sterling 4-Piece Comforter Set By J Queen

    Soothing and serene, this set represents everything that’s exceptional about modern design. Shades of silver adorn this collection, which stands out thanks to a dramatic geometric pattern. Elegant yet impactful, the collection comes with an oversized comforter featuring solid satin piping, two pillow shams with hidden zippers, and a bedskirt to tie it all together. 

    Cherry Blossom Grey 3-Piece Comforter Set By J Queen

    Love the look of cherry blossoms but prefer a more classic design? The Cherry Blossom Grey 3-Piece Comforter Set from J Queen is an inspired choice. Sophisticated and contemporary, the Cherry Blossom Collection boasts shades of white and soft gray. And because the floral pattern is made with 3D embroidery in a contrasting threat color, it’s sure to catch your eye. This 100 percent cotton collection includes matching shams and a bed skirt. However, interested parties can opt to purchase items like throw pillows and window treatments for an added cost. We’re confident this is a look that will make you smile every time you walk into the bedroom. 

    Adagio Sterling 4-Piece Comforter Set By J Queen

    Simple prints are big in the world of contemporary bedding. So, it’s no surprise that the Adagio 4-Piece Comforter Set captures the eye and the spirit. Lovely and elegant, this collection by J Queen features a large-scale medallion print with a three-dimensional weave in sterling silver and French blue over a creamy satin base. Piping and double tassels add interest to the comforter. Moreover, the shams and matching bedskirt feature a scroll design and woven band. The end result is a charming collection that looks cohesive. Shoppers can add additional Adagio pillows and window treatments for an extra cost. 

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