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    Health experts differ on numerous issues from whether you should take a multivitamin to how many cups of coffee you can drink on a daily basis. However, one fact on which nearly all experts agree is that a good night’s sleep is essential. Not only does sleeping seven or more hours a night improve health and immunity, but it’s also known to boost productivity, memory, and overall well being. While sleep issues can have numerous causes, improper bedding is one of the easiest to fix. Investing in high-end sheets and luxury comforter sets can go a long way toward improving both the quality and quantity of sleep you’re getting on a nightly basis. Fortunately, Latest Bedding has an extensive selection of products available from top designers, so there’s sure to be something to fit your needs. In particular, we love how Croscill comforters combine comfort and style into one affordable package. Keep reading to learn more about the Croscill brand and discover which bedding design style is right for you. 

    Everything You Need to Know About Croscill Bedding

    With so many bedding brands on the market, it can be hard to know which one best meets your family’s needs. Fortunately, Croscill is there to take some of the guesswork out of decorating your home. Begun in Brooklyn in 1946, Croscill entered the business as a creator of unique window curtains called Croscillas. In the more than half a century that followed, the brand expanded to other areas of bedroom decor including comforters, pillows, and shams. Today, Croscill prides itself on designing and manufacturing high-quality bedding pieces for the most intimate spaces in the home. The goal is to reinterpret beautiful, timeless styles so they work well in a modern environment. 

    What Makes Croscill Bedding Great?

    One of the benefits of choosing Croscill over other bedding brands on the market is that you won’t have to compromise when it comes to style. This well-known company offers a full range of bedding decor looks from Boho to Coastal, Cottage to Cabin, Contemporary to Classic. Having a bedroom style that matches your personality is especially important in today’s society, when so many of us are spending more time at home. More than just a place to sleep, modern bedrooms often function as home offices, gyms, craft rooms, play zones, and places to read, nap, or watch TV. By choosing Croscill, you can be sure you’ll love your bedroom and long to retreat there at the end of a long day or whenever the mood strikes.

    Styles of Croscill Bedding

    Your bedroom is the place where you spend a third of your day and a part of the home that only a privileged few gets to see. To that end, you want it to reflect who you are as an individual and fill you with joy when you walk in the door. The ideal bedding should meet your needs with regard to function, providing a soft place to rest at night, and also celebrating everything that makes you, you. Below are descriptions of some of the most popular bedroom design styles to help you determine which look best showcases your personality. 


    If you appreciate the clean, sleek style of the mid century, a modern bedroom design might be ideal. This cherished architectural era is marked by straight lines and neutral hues. Balance is also key in a modern space, so look for ways to create harmony at home. Additionally, modern decor tends to make use of a range of natural materials, including stone, wood, and leather, so avoid artificial or man-made options.


    Do you prefer cozy, casual-looking home decor that prioritizes comfort? If so, the cottage style of bedding is likely to please. This airy design trend is meant to be a calming force in a chaotic world. Look for design touches such as woven blinds, jute walls, and bedding that features an array of patterns and prints. Expect to see cheerful options like florals, checks, and pastels. Additionally, weathered wood is a popular choice for this trend. 


    Many of us are at our happiest when lying on a beach staring out at the endless ocean. Fortunately, there’s a home decor style to reflect the love of all things beach themed. The coastal style of bedding celebrates the light, airy vibe of a day at the shore. Expect to see lots of blue and white hues along with design pieces such as plantation shutters. Natural textures are also popular in a coastal bedroom, so seek out plenty of cotton and linen. And of course, home decorators can feel free to augment their bedroom decor with nautical accessories and artwork. 


    Traditions have lasting power, and for good reason. Rooted in European style trends, traditional bedroom design marries the classic with the regal. Often dramatic, traditional bedrooms include luxurious touches like four-poster beds, Persian rugs, gilded mirrors, and antique bureaus. Bedding may also feature patterns like florals, medallions, and damask, among others. 

    Croscill Bedding and Comforters

    If you’re shopping for new bedding, the task can feel overwhelming. After all, you need to find something that works for you (and your partner) on an aesthetic level while also keeping you cool and comfortable regardless of the weather. The good news is that Latest Bedding offers plenty of Croscill bedding options from which to choose. Here are some comforters to elevate your style and help you sleep easier.

    Loretta Linen 4 Piece Comforter Set

    Inspired by the Neoclassical arts of the 18th century, characterized harmony, clarity, and universality. Create a luxurious atmosphere for your sleep cape with the Loretta 4-piece Comforter Set by Croscill. This exclusive collection flaunts silver, white, and beige damask patterns crafted in luxurious chenille jacquard.

    Captain's Quarter 9-Piece Comforter Set

    Whether you’re decorating your beach house or simply bringing a nautical touch to your master bedroom, the Captain’s Quarter Medallion Print Comfort Set is a great way to go. This coastal-elegant bedding collection features a jacquard comforter with a distressed medallion print on textured fabric. Shades of blue, ivory, and taupe are both ocean-inspired and pleasing to the eye. Because the set includes a removable duvet-style insert with inner ties, there’s no visible bartacking lines. The end result is a smooth, perfectly made bed every time. Along with the comforter, this stunning set includes two shams, three decorative pillows, and two Euro shams. You can save time on bedroom shopping without sacrificing quality or style with this look. 

    Carlotta Multi 9-Piece Comforter Set

    If you’re longing to bring a little femininity and romance into your bedroom, then you’ll probably appreciate the Carlotta Floral Jacquard Comforter. Marrying the traditional with the cottage style, this Croscill comforter boasts a fresh floral pattern in red, blue, and green set against a field of ivory. Braided trim adds an aura of country charm while tassel fringe provides a dose of whimsy. Along with the overflowed, overfilled comforter, the set includes matching shams and Euro shams along with three decorative pillows. The comforter is dry clean only, and the pillows feature removable polyester filler inserts and hidden zippers. 

    Matou 9-Piece Comforter Set

    After the stress of the last few years, many of us are looking to bring a little glamor to our bedrooms. Enter the Matou 9 Piece Comforter Set. An elegant choice, this collection showcases a woven damask pattern in blues and silvers. These cool colors are proven to soothe the mind, helping you rest and relax after a long day and paving the way to a good night’s rest. Along with an oversized comforter with a removable duvet insert, the set includes two shams, three decorative pillows, and two Euro shams. Because the shams coordinate perfectly with the comforter, you can rest assured knowing your bedroom will look clean, deliberate, and 100 percent elegant. 

    Beautiful Bedding for Every Taste and Budget

    Just about everyone wants to go to sleep at night in a bedroom that’s both cozy and beautiful. Still, it can be a challenge to find high-quality designer pieces that suit both your tastes and your budget. A leader in affordable bedding, Latest Bedding believes everyone deserves access to high-end bedding. To that end, we offer a wide selection of luxury comforter sets, sheets, and accessories by Croscill and other designer brands. From the classic to the contemporary, the cabin-style to the coastal, we’re confident you’ll find something that pleases in our extensive collection. Shop our comforters online today and start loving your bedroom again.