Bedroom Organization Tips to Promote Balance and Harmony

Feeling anxious or overwhelmed lately? If so, you’re not alone. Research shows that around half of Americans experience significant amounts of stress regularly. While you might not be able to do anything about your overbearing boss or the struggling economy, you can take steps to make your home environment more harmonious – and hopefully, improve the quality and quantity of sleep you’re getting regularly. An ancient principle dating back to 5000 BC, feng shui aims to help individuals feel more calm and balanced in their environment. This practice is essential for bedrooms, where we spend between seven and nine hours a day relaxing, reading, working, studying, and sleeping. Wondering how to turn your room into a sanctuary? Read on for tips courtesy of the team at Latest Bedding. 

1. Go Big, Small, or Anything in Between

One of the benefits of embracing feng shui principles is that it allows for integrating multiple design styles. It doesn’t matter whether your taste leans toward maximalism or minimalism, feminine or masculine, boho or cottage core; feng shui can accommodate all tastes and preferences. A great option for those who favor bold colors and patterns, the Surano Copper 4-Piece Comforter Set is guaranteed to impress. Crafted by top designer J Queen, the Surano collection features a timeless woven damask pattern in shades of beige and copper. The final result boasts texture and dimension thanks to a unique finishing process. Along with an oversized comforter, customers receive matching hidden zipper pillow shams and a tailored bedskirt finished with ¼-inch chenille piping. We suggest building out your room by purchasing additional pieces, such as the Surano throw pillows and window treatments. However, ultimately, you’ll sleep better in any room that suits your style. 

2. Cut the Clutter

Are you guilty of leaving laundry strewn over the floor and storing shoes and sports gear under the bed? If so, your room may be violating one of the key principles of feng shui – staying orderly. According to this philosophy, messiness is a distraction that can hurt your sense of balance. If you want to love your space – and get better sleep year round – we suggest cutting the clutter. Instead, invest in light, airy pieces featuring soft textures and rounded corners. You may also want to get rid of excess furniture that’s taking up space and making the room feel overcrowded. 

3. Embrace Nature

Feng shui is about yin and yang, hard and soft. To that end, many home decorators opt to boost balance by incorporating bedding that celebrates the softness and beauty of Mother Nature. Those seeking a more soothing choice in the bedroom may be drawn to the Bebejan Natural Leaves Comforter Set. Featuring neutral shades like ivory and tan in a botanical leaf print on the front, the comforter reverses to a more sedate small ivory leaf silhouette print. And because it’s crafted from 100 percent cotton sateen, you can rest assured you’ll stay cool and comfortable year-round without suffering any skin irritations. The set comes complete with two reversible shams, a printed pillow measuring 18 inches by 18 inches, and an embroidered pillow measuring 12 by 18. A reusable self-fabric tote finishes off the collection, which is available in sizes queen and king. 

Prefer warmer hues in this part of the home? Keep the natural trend going with our Bebejan Peach Leaves on Sage Reversible Comforter Set. Showcasing soft hues like sage green, bronze peach, and beige in a leafy print, the set reverses to a pattern of wispy branches. Additionally, customers receive a tonal peach graphic embroidered pillow, a printed pillow, and two matching shams. A sustainable fabric bonus bag completes the set and offers an easy storage option. Shoppers can purchase this comforter collection in queen or king. It’s machine washable for convenience. 

4. Keep It Soft

Feng shui aims to help people feel more comfortable in their homes. So it’s no surprise that softness is one of the most important elements when it comes to this bedroom design principle. The bedding component that comes into the most contact with skin, and sheets has the potential to affect sleep for the better or worse, so choosing soft, silky pieces is essential. We’re big fans of the Yalda Sheet Set by Pure Parima. Made from 100 percent Giza Egyptian cotton picked by hand in the Nile River Valley, the Yalda set marries style and sophistication thanks to the double-hem stitching and soothing neutral color palette. We especially love calming options like Ivory, Linen, Canyon, and Olive. The Yalda Set comes in sizes twin through king and California king, making it a great option for any room of the home. It’s machine washable and dryable. 

5. Consider Bed Placement

Once you’ve outfitted your bed with the right sheets and luxury comforters, you want to ensure it’s placed correctly within the room. In general, feng shui experts suggest positioning the bed against a wall that’s diagonal to the door. Doing this is comforting because it allows people to see anyone entering or leaving the room. The result is greater peace of mind and better sleep. 

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