Best 10 Tips to Give a Luxury Look to Your Guest Bedroom on a Budget

As young adults, few of us are fortunate enough to have a dedicated space in the home for guests. As a result, visitors tend to get stuck sleeping on the sofa during this period. However, as we get older – and grow more successful in our careers – we may be able to set guests up with more luxurious accommodations. Whether you’re decorating a guest room for the first time or giving your current space a much-needed spruce up, Latest Bedding has the luxury comforter sets, sheets, pillows, and accessories you need to turn any room in your home into a haven. Expecting visitors this holiday season? Keep reading for our top 10 tips on beautifying a guest room, courtesy of the pros. 

  1. A Comfortable Bed Is Key

When decorating your guest room, it’s important to start with the basics. A firm yet plush mattress will help your visitors get a good night’s sleep, so they have energy to enjoy sightseeing and other activities. While a king bed is always luxurious, a queen mattress should be sufficient for most visitors to your home. 

  1. Go Bold With Decor…

Unlike master bedrooms or kids’ rooms, the odds are your guest room will only get occasional use. So it’s a great opportunity to go a little bigger with your design choices. We love guest rooms that make use of bright hues and bold prints. Available in multiple sizes, this striking floral patterned comforter set from Bebejan is as warm as it is memorable. Featuring 200 thread count 100 percent cotton, the collection showcases hand-painted jewel-toned blooms set against an ivory backdrop. Along with the comforter, which reverses to a subtle linen texture, the set comes with an embroidered patterned throw pillow, a printed decorative pillow, and two coordinating shams. A sustainable fabric bag is included as a bonus and offers easy storage. 

  1. …Or Choose to Soothe With Neutrals

Then again, some people prefer their rooms to be subtle yet sophisticated. If elegant neutrals are more to your taste, we recommend the Bianco White 4-Piece Comforter Set by J Queen. 

Boasting a creamy-white woven damask, the Bianco collection is oversized and overfilled for added coziness. It’s sold with two matching pillow shams featuring extra padding and a coordinating bedskirt to hide the area under the bed from view. This chic collection is available in sizes queen, king, and California king, so there’s sure to be an option that works in your space. 

  1. Add Some Plants

Fresh flowers are great for making guests feel welcome. However, if you don’t want to shell out every time a visitor comes, you can opt for potted plants instead. Along with adding beauty and interest to a room, they help improve indoor air quality. Don’t have a green thumb? Feel free to decorate with a few carefully chosen silk plants. They’ll make your guests feel at home while adding a touch of nature to your space. 

  1. Invest in Quality

Whether you’re hosting family or close friends, you want to ensure that visitors to your house get plenty of rest and enjoy their stays. To that end, choosing quality sheets is crucial. After all, sheets and pillowcases are the bedding items that make the most contact with skin. If they’re too heavy or scratchy to the touch, your guests are likely to toss and turn rather than resting easy. A great choice for soothing nights, our hotel-quality Ultra Sateen Sheet Set is crafted from extra-long staple Egyptian cotton. At once silky soft and delightfully durable, these sheets allow heat and moisture to pass through. So visitors won’t overheat or wake up in a pool of sweat. As a bonus, the clean, elegant lines are sure to meld well with your current decor. Choose from multiple colors, including White and Icy Blue.

  1. Include Extra Pillows

Most of us sleep with more than one pillow at home and likely want the same amenities when we travel. If you want to win rave reviews for your guest room, consider picking up a few of these Retro White Cotton Pillows. Simple yet sleek, these Lili Alessandra items are great for sleeping, napping, and curling up with a good book. Each pillow comes complete with a pillow insert. Add a few decorative pillows to give your space a welcoming touch. 

  1. Cozy Throws Are Essential

Have you ever stayed at a friend’s house only to find that they set their AC way too low for your liking? Keep your guest room visitor-friendly by adding a cozy throw to the bottom of the bed. We’re big fans of the Delamere Wool Throw on chilly winter nights. Featuring merino wool in an elegant tartan pattern, this piece comes in both Graphite and Emerald and boasts a fringed edge. It also looks lovely draped over your favorite armchair or rocker. 

  1. Try a Nightstand

Most people like having somewhere to place items near the bed. From water cups to glasses, books to magazines, a nightstand is ideal for keeping these pieces close at hand. Don’t have space for a large piece of furniture? Consider a sleek stool for guests to stow their belongings. 

  1. Block Out the Sun

Vacation is a great time to sleep in. Give your guests the gift of a restful night’s sleep by outfitting your room with premium window treatments. The good news is Latest Bedding offers plenty of panels and valances to block the sun year round. We recommend opting for floor-to-ceiling curtains so your guest room stays dark until your guests choose to rise. 

  1. Provide Plenty of Towels

Of course, being a good host or hostess is about more than bedroom amenities. You also want to ensure your visitors have all the bath linens they need for a comfortable stay. We love the idea of stocking your guest bath with a basket of towels. For best results, include a range of bath sheets, standard towels, hand towels, and washcloths. Your visitors will thank you. 

Outfit Your Guest Room and Beyond With Latest Bedding

At Latest Bedding, we know it’s important that customers create inviting spaces in their homes for friends and family. That’s just one of the many reasons we provide an exceptional array of designer bedding products at prices that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re shopping for Guest Bedrooms, throw pillows or window treatments, trust that there’s something in our collection to suit your taste. Shop online today and discover the difference that quality can make.