Create a Showroom-Worthy Bed With Layering

Unless your bedroom is on the palatal side, the odds are good that the bed takes up a majority of the available floor space. So it’s no surprise that this piece of furniture dominates the room and attracts the eye. If you want your room to stun at first glance, creating a showroom-worthy bed is a great first step. The most aesthetically pleasing beds make strong use of layering, incorporating multiple elements and pieces to create a space that’s cozy, warm, and delightfully chic. At Latest Bedding, we specialize in supplying a wide range of brand-name bedding without the designer price tag. Marrying design and durability, our products showcase the latest styles and trends while also standing the test of time. Keep reading to learn more about designing a beautiful bedroom with layers below. 


Fitted Sheets

Silky sheets are a must for any cozy bed. After all, this is the bedding article that makes the most contact with your skin. If sheets are rough, scratchy, pilled, or generally irritating to the touch, the odds are you’ll toss and turn rather than rest easy. To craft a perfectly layered bed, we recommend starting at the bottom – in other words, invest in a high-end fitted sheet. A great option for sleepers who tend to get warm in the night, Pure Parima’s Ultra Percale Sheet Set is reminiscent of the crisp bedding you would find in a luxury hotel. Thanks to the one over, one under weave, this bedding choice is light and breathable, allowing heat and moisture to pass through. So you don’t have to worry about waking up in a pool of sweat. However, it’s warm enough that you will love sliding into bed on winter nights. This set comes in an array of shades, including Bone and Slate. Customers can choose from sizes full, queen, king, and California king.


Flat Sheets

Of course, choosing a fitted sheet is only half the battle. If you want to design a bed that’s both cozy and attractive, flat sheets are equally important. Along with protecting your skin from the duvet cover or comforter, a flat sheet keeps bodily oils from leaching into your bedding. The result is you don’t have to wash bulky comforters or duvets too frequently. While many sleepers rest easy under a percale flat sheet, others prefer snuggling up in sateen. A great choice for those who appreciate silky bedding, the Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set from Pure Parima looks as lovely as it feels. Part of the brand’s Hotel Collection, this sheet set is crafted from 700 thread count Egyptian cotton and boasts a three over, one under sateen weave for extra coziness. The result is sleepers can enjoy the softness of silk combined with all the health benefits of cotton. Accented with triple embroidered stitching, this set comes in sizes queen, king, and California king. The set features a creamy base color and a delightful stripe design in an array of hues, including Arctic, Ocean, and Black. 

Wondering how best to lay your flat sheet on the bed? We suggest placing the sheet face down. That way, when you fold it down over your blanket or quilt, the more aesthetically pleasing part of the sheet will be facing upright. Tuck the sheet into the bottom of the bed if you prefer hospital corners or let it fly free if your preference is a more casual Bohemian look. 



This time of year, the temperature can vary pretty dramatically. While some nights hover around 40, others dip down into the 20s or even lower depending on the part of the country where you reside. Bedspreads and quilts are great for accommodating various lifestyles and sleep preferences. We especially adore this white bedspread that comes courtesy of Anne de Solene. The Empreinte spread features a jacquard woven design of plant fronds and gets added elegance from the white on white botanical design. It comes in sizes queen and king and is machine washable for added convenience. 

Wondering how best to style your bedspread when making the bed? We suggest taking care to ensure the bottom of the bedspread or quilt falls below the border of the mattress. Fold your flat sheet over the top of the bedspread and tuck it in on the sides. 


100 Percent Cotton 

No cozy winter bed is complete without a heavy duvet or comforter. Warm and plush, luxury comforter sets enable sleepers to burrow in and unwind after a long day. A great option for those seeking the beauty of spring year round, the Bebejan Smoky Blue Garden Comfort Set invites buyers to bring the outside in. Crafted from 100 percent cotton, the collection showcases eye-catching florals in shades of blush, beige, and bold burgundy, all against a soft blue-grey backdrop. However, the neutral beige reverse side provides plenty of versatility and allows for a change of style. Along with the comforter, this collection comes complete with two reversible shams, a printed burgundy pillow, and a beige and navy embroidered pillow. A reusable self-fabric tote completes the set and provides a convenient storage option for when it’s not in use. Select from sizes queen and king. 

To style your duvet or comforter, we suggest folding it in thirds accordion style at the bottom of the bed. That way you can leave it off on warm nights. When the weather gets cold, simply pull up the top of the comforter. 


Duvet Covers

If you do opt for a duvet over a comforter, don’t forget the duvet cover. Not only does a soft duvet cover feel great against your skin, but it also protects your bedding from small children, pets, and general dust and dander. A great neutral piece that goes well with your current collection, the Tidal Duvet Cover comes from Pine Cone Hills. Available in sizes queen and king, this crisp white cover is crafted from 100 percent cotton and boasts a seersucker pattern that never goes out of fashion. We love how it looks set against shades of tan and deep blue. Modern yet classic, this piece works as well in a master bedroom as it does in your guest room. 

Prefer a bolder look in the bedroom? The Jacqueline Duvet Cover is both fun and flirty. Available in full, queen, and king, the piece is crafted from a luxurious jacquard and boasts a luxurious raised foliage pattern in white, pink, and coral. Highly absorbent and delightfully breathable, the cover works well for all sleepers. It’s machine washable and includes a zipper closure. 


Standard Pillows and Shams

You’re unlikely to get a good night’s sleep if your pillows aren’t up to snuff. When investing in new bedding, don’t neglect the place where you’re laying your head. While some sleepers rest best on down or down alternative pillows, others sleep easiest on memory foam. Choose an option that works for your taste and choose a sleep position (back, side, front, or combination). Once you’ve found your standard pillows, pick up a couple of Euro shams and pillows to go on top. We love the look of the Windham Black Euro Shams from J Queen. At once sleek and elegant, this piece features a black velvet center with a scroll stripe border that’s framed and mitered. And because the sham reverses to a vertical scroll stripe with piping, it looks great from any side and angle. We love how this Euro sham looks when paired with the J Queen Windham Bedding Set. However, it also melds beautifully with white or grey bedding. Select whatever option makes you smile.

Accent Pillows

Accent pillows may not remain on the bed while you sleep. However, that doesn’t make this bedding component any less crucial. Ideal for designing a bed worthy of a magazine spread, throw pillows bring much needed interest and personality to a space. And because they come in an array of colors and materials, the only limit is the designer’s imagination. We love how this Liana Powder Blue Tufted Throw Pillow looks paired with white, tan, or darker blues. However, it also looks exciting against certain shades of pink and orange. Satin-soft and attractive, the piece is sewn by hand and finished with a fabric-covered button on both sides. 

Another great accent for your bed, the Woodland Square Decorative Pillow suits anyone who lives in a cabin or simply wishes they did. Part of Donna Sharp’s Woodland Bedding Collection, the piece features shades of black, tan, light olive, and pumpkin, making it a perfect choice for more rustic bedrooms. It’s crafted from 100 percent polyester and features a hopscotch pattern. Not that the pillow is spot clean only.

Need some more inspiration for accent pillows in the bedroom or living room? We love incorporating multiple textures from silks to satins, cotton to corduroys, and velvets to faux leather. Choose colors that make your heart happy. 


If you truly want your bedroom to sing, we suggest finishing off your design with a stylish throw. At once warm and welcoming, a throw looks great tossed over the bottom of a bed or thrown over your favorite armchair. It’s particularly important for guest rooms, as you don’t always know if visitors will need extra bedding in the night. When you have a throw, all they need to do is pull it on for added warmth. The good news is that there are plenty of colors and materials available, so you won’t have trouble selecting a throw that melds beautifully with your existing aesthetic. We’re big fans of the Cava Throw for those seeking some added coziness. Featuring a tufted plush fabrication, this product gets additional warmth from a sherpa reverse side. However, the grand scale cable design provides plenty of sophistication. Created by J Queen New York, the blanket comes in Evergreen, Gold, and Winter White, making it a perfect choice for the holidays. Layer it over other Cava Collection pieces or choose another luxury comforter set to show off your style. 

Master the Art of Layering at Latest Bedding

Just about everyone wants a cozy place to sleep at night. By incorporating multiple layers, including fitted sheets, flat sheets, blankets, and pillows, you can create a bed that’s as beautiful as it is soft to the touch. And of course, the Latest Bedding prices mean that you don’t have to blow your budget to achieve your home decorating goals. We’re proud to carry products from a wide selection of brands, including Bebejan, J Queen, Croscill, Waterford, Anne de Solene, and Donna Sharp. And because we have everything from bed sets, accessories, and window treatments, you don’t have to waste time searching for what you need. Shop our selection today and start loving your bedroom again. We look forward to becoming your preferred bedding supplier.