Do Women Get Less Sleep? Best Complete Study

Sleep issues are incredibly common, striking a majority of people at some point during their lifetimes. However, research shows that insomnia is especially common among the fairer sex. In fact, a poll by the National Sleep Foundation reveals that women have more trouble than men when it comes to both falling and staying asleep. Recognizing that lack of rest can result in a host of negative health effects, Latest Bedding is passionate about finding solutions to common sleep woes. Read on to learn why women are more prone to sleep struggles and discover some of our favorite tips on getting better rest. 


Causes of Women’s Sleep Problems

When it comes to getting sufficient sleep, women are suffering more than their masculine counterparts. So what’s the cause of this gender discrepancy? Here are just a few of the reasons that women may get less sleep over the course of their lifetimes:

Pregnancy Symptoms

Women who opt to have a baby are more likely than their peers to experience sleep issues. That’s because pregnancy tends to come with a host of unpleasant symptoms from aches and pains to nausea and even anxiety. These problems are especially common during the first and third trimesters. A body pillow may be helpful in aiding expectant mothers in resting easy. 


Unfortunately, sleep disturbances aren’t likely to go away after children are born. While traditional general roles are disappearing to some degree, many women still perform an outsized portion of the childcare. Some of this is biological – research shows that women’s brains are hypertuned to a baby’s cries. Still, if you’re struggling to get enough rest after a baby arrives, it might be time to ask your partner to step up and help more.

Changes in Hormones

Over the course of a woman’s life, hormonal changes tend to have a significant effect on sleep and other aspects of daily living. In fact, around 80 percent of women experience hot flashes during perimenopause, or the four or five years before the start of actual menopause. Depending on their severity, hot flashes can have a negative effect on sleep, causing women to wake up sweating or uncomfortable. Additionally, women are more likely than men to develop obstructive sleep apnea late in life. A potentially serious condition, sleep apnea occurs when muscles in the airway relax enough to interfere with breathing. All of these issues can result in women sleeping poorly and waking up tired and stressed. 


The Consequences of Poor Sleep

Anyone who has suffered from insomnia knows the condition has the potential to damage both health and happiness. In fact, studies have connected lack of sleep with a range of negative health conditions, including hypertension, obesity, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. Moreover, sleep problems are connected with mental health woes like anxiety and depression. If your sleep issues are consistent rather than occasional, it pays to get help sooner rather than later.

Solutions to Your Sleep Woes

The good news is there are multiple steps women (and men) can take to get better rest and ensure their long-term health and wellness. Here are some tips for promoting sleep in the coming months:

See a Doctor or Therapist

Depending on the cause of your sleep struggles, different medical practitioners may be required. If you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, or another mental health issue, it might be useful to see a psychologist for cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT. A great first-line treatment for sleep issues, CBT uses helpful tools like mindfulness, sleep tracking, and sleep hygiene. Suffering from night sweats or another physical symptom? It’s always wise to visit your general practitioner to rule out any medical problems. In some cases, women may be prescribed hormone replacement therapy to help treat hot flashes and promote restful sleep. When in doubt, talk to your doctor about the best options for you. 

Invest in Cooler Sheets

Of course, you don’t have to be suffering from hot flashes to experience overheating at night. Those with a tendency to sleep warm may want to invest in Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases. Designed by Pure Parima, our Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set is crafted from 700 thread count Egyptian cotton fibers. At once silky soft and delightfully smooth, these sheets are also moisture wicking, so sleepers don’t have to worry about waking up in a pool of water. This fashion forward set features a subtle stripe pattern in a range of shades, including Arctic, Gold, and Teal, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. It comes complete with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two coordinating pillowcases. 

Choose a Cotton Comforter Set

Cotton is also a great choice for comforter sets. Hot sleepers are guaranteed to stay cool with our Bebejan Rose on Misty Green Comforter Set. Featuring 100 percent cotton sateen, this romantic collection is reversible, with one side showcasing exploding rose and hydrangea blooms while the other offers a more muted print. The set includes two reversible shams, an embroidered square pillow, and a printed decorative pillow. Because it’s machine washable, you don’t have to worry about visiting the dry cleaner’s. 

Prefer the crisp feel of linen against your skin? The lightweight Holden Linen Quilt is a great way to go. One of the reasons sleepers love this fabric choice is that it absorbs moisture and dries fast. So you don’t have to worry about waking in sweaty bedding. It’s a cozy option for spring and autumn when the weather is neither hot nor cold. Tan on one side and blue on the reverse, the Holden Quilt is a neutral bedding choice sure to blend beautifully with your current decor. 

Sleep Better With Latest Bedding

The consequences of poor sleep are serious and potentially devastating. That’s just one of the reasons that Latest Bedding is committed to helping individuals find luxurious bedding on a budget. We’re proud to stock a wide range of high-end comforter sets by top designers like Bebjean, Pine Cone Hill, J Queen, Waterford, and more. Additionally, we carry Egyptian cotton sheets, pillow shams, window treatments, and all the other accessories required to turn a home into a haven. Ready to love your room again? Shop our selection today and start getting better rest.