Keep Your Cotton Bedding Stronger for Longer

You don’t have to live in a tropical climate to know what it’s like to sleep hot. In fact, plenty of us have suffered symptoms such as night sweats, stickiness, and general unpleasantness when the temperature runs too high. While you might not be able to control the number on the thermometer, you can take steps to make your room cool and comfortable – and you don’t have to inflate your AC budget to do it. Premier cotton bedding can go a long way toward keeping you cool and dry on even the hottest of summer nights. 

Beloved for its breathability, cotton is the ideal material for sleep. Not only does it allow heat and moisture to pass through, but it also wicks dampness away from the skin. And of course the material’s soft texture contributes to its status among bedding greats. Ideal for sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and comforters, cotton maintains its softness and strength no matter how many times you wash it. So you don’t have to worry about your favorite bedding ripping, tearing, or coming apart in the laundry. 

While cotton is clearly a low-maintenance favorite, it is important to treat your cotton bedding products with care in order to extend their lifespan. Here are some of Latest Bedding’s top tips for keeping your cotton products stronger (and softer) for longer.

Protecting Your Cotton Sheets and Comforters

One of the best ways to preserve your cotton bedding is to wash and dry it appropriately. To keep your cotton smooth and beautiful, we suggest washing it with cold water. For best results, avoid overstuffing the washing machine and separate bedding from clothing and other items. The goal is to prevent your sheets and blankets from snagging on buttons, snaps, hooks, and zippers. We also recommend avoiding bleach and fabric softener, both of which can damage your premium bedding products. 

Most of us appreciate the smell of sheets dried on the line in the fresh summer sun. Unfortunately, our busy schedules tend to prevent us from air drying laundry. The good news is it’s typically fine to toss cotton sheets and comforters in the dryer. It’s best to avoid overdrying by taking items out of the machine when they’re still slightly on the damp side. When in doubt, follow the care instructions on the package to give your bedding the best shot at going the long haul.

Of course, fabric quality has an effect when it comes to long lasting cotton bedding. While percale tends to be a bit more durable than sheets with a sateen weave, both are solid options for families. Additionally, 100 percent Egyptian cotton is ideal due to the fact that it’s made from extra-long staple fibers picked and harvested by hand. Strong and fine, these strands result in yarn that resists tearing and maintains its softness for years to come. 


Invest in High-Quality Cotton Bedding

The good news is choosing long-lasting cotton bedding doesn’t mean sacrificing style for quality. At Latest Bedding, we’re proud to offer a wide assortment of fashion-forward luxury comforter sets, sheets, and accessories by all the top brands. Here are just a handful of the cotton products currently available in our online shop:



As summer winds down, many of us are anticipating the long, cold nights ahead. Fortunately, you don’t have to bid the beauty of summer goodbye thanks to the Bebejan Red Floral Vine set. Crafted from 100 percent cotton sateen, this five-piece reversible collection boasts a thread count of 230. Featuring red trumpet flowers on one side, the set showcases a linen-like textured print on the reverse. Along with the comforter, this stylish collection includes two reversible pillow shams, an embroidered square decorative throw pillow, and a printed oblong pillow. There’s also a bonus bag for convenient storage. And because the Bebejan sets are machine washable, you don’t have to worry about wasting time at the dry cleaners.



Those with a more formal taste in bedroom decor can still enjoy the solid comfort of cotton. Made from 100 percent cotton sateen, the Bebejan Asti Black Set is as cozy as it is sophisticated. The front side of this 230 thread count comforter features a print of floral medallions bordered with a twisted rope design. On the back, you can find a dark grey textured print that offers a nice change of pace. Along with the comforter, the collection comes with two zippered pillow shams and two decorative pillows. A bonus bag finishes off the set, which is available in sizes queen and king. Interested parties can pick up additional items, including window panels, valances, and decorative throw pillows. 


There are few bedding items more important than a good set of cotton sheets. After all, this material maintains almost constant contact with your skin while you sleep. An ideal choice for those seeking softness and style in one package, the Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set boasts sumptuous triple embroidered stitching over delicious 700 thread count sateen. The set, which includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases, boasts a creamy white backdrop with a subtle stripe pattern. Choose from shades like Gold, Teal, Black, and Arctic. 

Trust Latest Bedding With Your Comfort

Luxury bedding should be enjoyed by all people, not just those with a lot of money in the bank. That’s why Latest Bedding exists. A division of Zako LLC, the company was created to supply a wide array of home decor products for prices that won’t break the budget. Along with sheets and luxury comforter sets by top brands like Pure Parima, J Queen, Bebejan, and Rose Tree, we offer a broad selection of accessories. Choose from throws, pillow shams, window treatments, bed skirts, and more. Shop the Latest Bedding New Arrivals online today and start discovering the benefits of better sleep.