Make Your Bed With Luxury Comforter Sets

The average person spends seven to nine hours a day in bed and even more time in their bedroom dressing, reading, or watching TV. So it’s no surprise that the way your room looks can have a profound effect on your mood during the day and ability to sleep at night. Not only does a properly made bed help contribute to feelings of comfort and calm, but it also sparks joy when you walk in the door. At Latest Bedding, we’re passionate in our belief that making your bed with a luxury comforter set can help you live life to the fullest. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of bed making and discover which of our designer products will help you rest easy. 

Why Should You Make Your Bed?

Making the bed can seem like an unnecessary chore. After all, you’re just going to sleep in it again, right? However, research shows that bed making has some serious benefits. According to a National Sleep Foundation poll, people who make their bed are almost 20 percent more likely to sleep well on a nightly basis. 

Further, making your bed regularly could enhance productivity. Because you’re accomplishing something first thing in the morning, you start the day off with a positive mindset and belief that you can achieve your goals. 

How to Make Your Bed Look Luxurious

Of course, your bed is only as good as the components making it up. If you don’t love your luxury comforter set and accessories, you’re unlikely to find the space soothing. For a bed that’s both luxurious and relaxing, many experts recommend choosing monochromatic tones. Rather than showcase a wide selection of colors and patterns, opt for a few zen or neutral shades. We’re especially fond of grey, beige, white, ivory, and blue, which is associated with rest. 

Additionally, sheet and comforter material plays a significant effect in how luxurious your bed looks and feels. If you’re looking for the crisp, cool feel of five-star hotel bedding, we recommend opting for cotton percale sheets and duvet covers. Along with feeling fresh, this material is known for being both moisture wicking and breathable. So you’ll stay cool throughout the night. Percale pillowcases are also great for those prone to acne as it protects the skin while you sleep. 

Finally, choosing the right comforter is essential when creating the perfect bed. Although luxury comforters can be slightly more expensive than the ones you’d find in an average department store, they offer a superior sleep experience while enhancing the design of your room. For best results, seek out a comforter that feels good against your skin and is thick enough to keep you warm without causing you to overheat. 

Luxury Comforter Sets at Latest Bedding

The good news is Latest Bedding offers an extensive selection of designer comforters to help you make your bed look its best. Here are some of the brand-name collections currently turning shoppers’ heads:

Malita Powder Blue 4-Piece Comforter Set By J Queen

With its soothing blue hue, this comforter collection is ideal for inspiring rest and relaxation. Featuring a grand damask pattern in pale powder blue, the set boasts plenty of details including 1.5-inch folded satin flange and a button quilt pattern accent. Additionally, the set features matching pillow shams with pleated corners and zipper closures and a bed skirt with coordinating fabric. Customers looking to accessorize their set can purchase the Malita accessories and window treatments for an added cost. 

Belgium Champagne 4-Piece Comforter Set By J Queen

You’ll surely be inspired to make your bed every day when you see how beautiful this bedding collection is. Created by beloved designer J Queen, the Belgium Champagne 4-Piece Comforter Set comes complete with a comforter, two pillow shams, and a matching bed skirt. Intricate and luxurious, the comforter boasts a dramatic large-scale damask pattern constructed with woven jacquard and featuring shades of taupe, champagne, beige, and ivory. Piping on the comforter adds visual interest, while the matching shams and skirt pull the collection together. Consider accenting your bedding set with throw pillows, shams, and window treatments, all available for an added price. 

Opulence Linen 4-Piece Comforter Set By J Queen

The ultimate in opulence, this J Queen collection is perfect for anyone who’s ever wanted to live in a castle. Traditional yet regal, the Opulence Linen 4-Piece Comforter Set comes with a comforter, two shams, and a tailored bed skirt featuring shades of cream and linen. Oversized for extra extravagance, the comforter boasts a cream embroidery scroll pattern framed with a fine lattice border. The velvet base fabric feels delightfully cozy, while the ¼-inch piping detail adds interest and whimsy. Note that the pillow shams are padded and feature hidden zipper closures, and the bed skirt has split corners and a 15-inch drop. Customers who want to expand their collection can choose to purchase throw pillows, shams, and window treatments. The end result is a beautifully decorated bedroom that you’ll long to retreat to after a hard day. 

Make Your Bed Beautiful With Latest Bedding

At Latest Bedding, we’re convinced that you don’t have to sacrifice quality or beauty just because you want to save on costs. To that end, we sell a wide selection of luxury comforter sets by all your favorite brand-name designers without the designer price tag. Shop our bedding products today and start loving your room again.