What Bedding Matches Black Brick Wall?

Neutral hues have reigned supreme in home decor for the past few decades. However, these days customers are making more adventurous choices when it comes to bedroom design. In particular, homeowners are discovering the striking beauty of the exposed brick wall. A fun feature in the bedroom or any room, brick ways add textural contrast while giving rooms a cool, industrial feel. We’re especially drawn to black brick in the bedroom, as it creates a dramatic backdrop for a wide range of design choices. At Latest Bedding, we’re passionate about supplying shoppers with luxury comforter sets and accessories by all the best brands. Keep reading to learn more about our designer bedding options along with tips for accessorizing your black brick wall for success. 

Benefits of Black Brick Walls

These days, an increasing number of developers are opting to convert spaces like factories and warehouses into modern apartments and condos. Along with fun architectural touches such as exposed ceiling beams and impressive floor-to-ceiling windows, many of these spaces boast black brick walls in one or more rooms. Fortunately, this design feature comes with plenty of benefits. Here are some of the many perks associated with having a black brick wall in your primary bedroom:

Showcase Art and Decor

It’s hard to imagine a more vibrant and dramatic backdrop for your bedroom than a black brick wall. Ideal for showing off art, photos, or even visually intriguing mirrors, a black brick wall is sure to catch the eye. And of course, black brick can help set off a range of bedding colors and patterns.

Add Industrial Flair

Home decorators and professionals alike appreciate the industrial flair provided by a black brick wall. Simple yet mature, a brick wall gives your space a coolness factor that’s guaranteed to turn heads. It also adds a rustic appeal that many people find both soothing and inspiring. 

Match Multiple Bedding Options

White or ivory might be the go-to wall shades for a majority of home designers. However, a black brick wall allows just as much flexibility when it comes to your design choices. We especially love the way bedding in shades like black, white, grey, silver, and white looks against this moody backdrop. 

Best Matching Bedding For Black Bedrooms

Looking for a way to accent a black brick bedroom wall? Here are some of the most aesthetically pleasing comforter collections currently available in our online store:


Bebejan Kyle Black 100% Cotton 230 Thread Count 5-Piece Reversible Comforter Set

Want to take advantage of your black brick wall’s masculine energy? The Bebejan Kyle Black Comforter Set is a great choice. Made from 100 percent cotton sateen, this stylish five-piece set comes complete with a reversible comforter, two complementary zipper shams, and two decorative pillows, one featuring a tufted button. With its classic herringbone and tweed patterns and sophisticated black and grey color palette, the set is sure to look stunning against a black backdrop. Note that this set includes a bonus fabric bag for convenient storage. 

Bebejan Maia Blue 100% Cotton 230 Thread Count 5-Piece Reversible Comforter Set

Of course, shades of grey aren’t the only option for complementing a black brick wall. We love how a flirty, eye-catching floral print contrasts with the simple industrial look of the brick. Take the Maia Comforter Set by Bebejan, for example. Featuring 230 thread count cotton, the reversible comforter features vibrant shades of blue, pink, and terracotta over white on the front and a subtle terracotta rose design on the back. Additionally, the set includes two zipper shams, a decorative embroidered pillow, a printed pillow, and a bonus bag. 

Ornate 7-Piece Comforter Set

Sophisticated and dramatic, the Ornate 7-Piece Comforter Set features rich shades that meld beautifully with one another and look lovely against a black brick background. The comforter and accessories showcase shades of charcoal and silver in a glamorous geometric medallion motif. Plus, the set comes with three decorative pillows that make use of embroidery and fabric manipulation. And because the collection includes two square pillows and an oblong pillow, you don’t have to worry about wasting time and energy shopping for additional accessories. 

Epic White 4-Piece Comforter Set by J Queen

Of course, you don’t always have to go bold to make an impression. When you choose the Epic White 4-Piece Comforter Set by J Queen, you can enjoy a dramatic, modern bedroom look without breaking the bank. This stunning white set boasts mitered bands of multiple woven jacquard designs coupled with a unique puff construction. Oversized for extra comfort and coziness, the set inspires relaxation while creating visual appeal against your black brick backdrop. Along with the comforter, the collection includes two pillow shams and a coordinating bedskirt. However, shoppers who want to give their space some added oomph can purchase window treatments and throw pillows for an added cost. 

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