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    Sleep Well Tonight on a Blue Comforter Set

    Bedroom decor is about more than just comfort. If you truly want to sleep well, creating a stylish space is just as important if not more so. After all, the appearance of your bedroom can affect your mood, creativity, and even your ability to sleep through the night. At Latest Bedding, we don’t believe budget should prevent people from loving their rooms. That’s why we offer a wide selection of designer bedding items for every taste and budget. In particular, we believe that blue comforter sets are great for promoting sleep and wellness thanks to their natural serenity. Keep reading to learn more about blue bedding and discover how this beloved shade can help you get your best rest. 

    Why Choose Blue Bedding

    There are multiple factors to consider when selecting new bedding. Of course, you want to ensure that the thread count, weave, breathability, and size of your bedding meet your needs. However, bedding choice goes far beyond mere function. If you truly want to feel rested and at ease, selecting the aesthetics with care is equally essential. After all, you’re going to see your bedding every day first thing in the morning and every night before you close your eyes. If the color and style doesn’t create the right impression, you may feel exhausted rather than energized. The good news is blue is a shade that offers numerous benefits for health and happiness. Here are just a few of the reasons that shoppers consistently choose this cooling shade for restful nights:

    Blue Makes Rooms Feel Bigger

    One of the perks of blue bedding is that it creates a spacious feel for any part of the home. From bedrooms to guest rooms to baby rooms, blue is proven to open up a space, making it seem brighter and more airy. To that end, blue is a particularly smart choice for cramped city homes and apartments where space is at a premium. For the ultimate in roominess, consider a lighter shade like sky or periwinkle over royal blues and navys. 

    Shades of Blue Can Improve Sleep

    Along with creating the illusion of openness, blue is associated with sleep and relaxation. There’s something about this shade and its connection to water that promotes serenity and relaxation. Not only can blue clear the mind, but it’s scientifically proven to lower blood pressure and help steady breathing. The end result is that you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling happy, refreshed, and ready to achieve the day’s goals. 

    Make Your Guests Feel Right at Home

    Are you the type of person who loves to play host or hostess? If guests are a regular part of your routine, decorating a spare room with blue is a smart choice. In particular, pairing blue with gray creates a soothing coastal feel that inspires your visitors to take a load off. Opt for a darker blue with a lighter grey or reverse things and try lighter blue and darker grey. Either way, you’ll win the style game. 

    How to Style Blue Bedding

    Blue is a versatile bedding color, a fact that makes styling your space with this hue a breeze. While white and blue is a traditional choice, there’s plenty of room for personal preference. For example, shades such as cream, ivory, eggshell, and beige all look beautiful when paired with forms of blue. Incorporate these neutrals into everything from accent pillows to furniture pieces and artwork. 

    Another winning combination, blue and yellow is sure to create a lively atmosphere to inspire homeowners and guests alike. Choose a lemony yellow for a look that’s sunny and fresh or opt for mustard if you want that more traditional bedroom feel. In particular, we love how navy looks paired with mustard tones, as the deepness of the color softens mustard’s strong impact. Not a fan of yellow? Orange is another option that brightens up a blue comforter set and makes it sing. In particular, we love how shades of orange look against a cornflower blue backdrop. 

    Want to take things up a notch stylistically speaking? We’re big fans of using blue as an accent shade for a color trio featuring green, coral, and ivory. The result will resemble an orange tree on a bright and sunny day. Another classic color trio, blue, red, and yellow can be great for those seeking a bolder look. Keep this combination from appearing gauche by incorporating natural woods and neutrals into the final design product. 

    Discover Blue Bedding For Any Bedroom

    When it comes to blue bedding, the options are only as limited as your imagination. To make room design easy as can be, Latest Bedding offers a broad selection of bedding for every room in the home in all the most stunning colors and patterns. Plus, shoppers can choose from an array of materials so they’re sure to sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. Here are some of the most stylish luxury bedding sets currently available in our online shop:

    Bebejan Delphine Blue 100% Cotton 230 Thread Count 5-Piece Reversible Comforter Set

    Florals are a bedding design classic and for good reason. Fresh and feminine, this pattern can make you feel like you’re sleeping outside in a verdant meadow. If you love the thought of bringing a little of the outside in, we recommend trying out this Delphine Blue Set by Bebejan. Featuring 100 percent cotton with a thread count of 230, this silky soft set boasts eye-catching flowers in shades of white and olive against a navy background. However, those who feel like a change can always flip the comforter over to display the faux denim reverse side instead. Along with the comforter, this collection includes two reversible shams with embroidered and printed decorative pillows and a bonus bag for easy storage. It’s a great choice for both master bedrooms and guest rooms. 

    Arezzo Blue 6-Piece Comforter Set

    One of the reasons blue is such a beloved color in the design world is that shades are both numerous and beautiful. We’re especially in love with the dusty blue coolness of this six-piece set by Waterford. Part of the Fine Linens set, the Arezzo Collection boasts an elegant pattern of interlaced tiles on one side with a mini ogee blue jacquard on the reverse. Low luster and sophisticated, the shade has a calming effect on the room at large. Along with a cozy comforter, the set includes a tailored bedskirt with blue and ivory textured stripe and a blue border. The Euro shams are also reversible and boast delicate embroidery on a blue background with a textured stripe on the opposite side. This stunning collection is available in sizes queen, king, and California king. 

    Saatva 7-Piece Comforter Set

    Customers often complain that it’s a challenge to find luxury comforter sets that are also masculine in appearance. Ideal for those seeking a less frilly look in the bedroom, the Saatva 7-Piece Comforter Set enables sleep while saving you time on shopping. A traditional set with a modern touch, this collection comes complete with a comforter and matching shams made from pieced silk with pintucking details. The colors include navy, dusty blue, and grey, meaning they’re sure to meld well with your existing decor. Plus, accessorizing is a breeze, as the collection includes two square decorative pillows and an oblong decorative pillow with embroidery. A solid navy bedskirt finishes out the look and hides that unsightly area under the bed from public view. And because the comforter is hypoallergenic, those with sensitive skin can stay warm without triggering any unfortunate symptoms. This stylish set is machine washable for easy care. Shoppers can purchase it in sizes queen, king, or California king. 

    Aurora Blue 4-Piece Comforter Set By J Queen

    J Queen has long been synonymous with quality bedding. So it’s no surprise that the Aurora Blue set by this bedding giant is a big hit with our customers. The four-piece collection has an elegant European look thanks to the blue chambray shades and traditional ivory damask pattern with border embroidery. A woven heathered effect offers added style points. Along with a reversible comforter, the set includes pillow shams with zipper closures and an engineered split-corner bed skirt made from faux linen. Oversized for extra coziness, the collection is finished off with blue piping. Those seeking to save even more time perusing the bedding aisle can pick up coordinating throw pillows, Euro shams, and window treatments on our website for an added cost. 

    Kayani Indigo 3-Piece Comforter Set By J Queen

    Who said blue bedding had to be boring? Bohemian is the name of the game with this eye-popping Kayani Indigo 3-Piece Comforter Set. Created by J Queen New York, the collection gets a burst of whimsy thanks to an updated medallion pattern in playful shades of indigo blue, teal, and purple. Plus, the soft 100 percent cotton fabric ensures this oversized, overstuffed comforter will keep you cozy on even the coldest of nights. Pink piping finishes off the look. The set includes two shams (one for the twin size). 

    Malita Powder Blue 4-Piece Comforter Set By J Queen

    At once icy and regal, the Malita Powder Blue Set by J Queen is perfect for royalty – and royalty at heart. The four-piece collection includes a powder blue comforter with a sophisticated damask pattern and matching pleated pillow skirts. The bedskirt, which showcases coordinating fabric, has a French scroll border. Those looking to take their room to the next level can pick up additional Malita accessories and window treatments for an added cost. The Malita collection comes in sizes queen, king, and California king. It features a fill of 270 gsm and is dry clean only.

    Make Latest Bedding Your Choice for Comfort

    These days, most of us are facing extra stress in the form of added job pressures and responsibilities involving family and friends. If you want to boost productivity and performance, getting enough sleep is crucial. That’s where Latest Bedding comes in. A leader in bedding on a budget, we offer a wide selection of luxury comforter sets by top designers like Bebejan, J Queen, Ann Gish, and Waterford. Additionally, we stock an assortment of accessories from window treatments to throw pillows, shams to bedskirts. Shop our brand-name bedding today and start getting the rest you need to succeed.