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    Lili Alessandra Bedding Introduction

    Lili Alessandra was introduced to the world of bedding business in October 2008. Sandra Hernandez Yedor started her work with passion and love for fabrics and textile to provide the best brand. Lili Alessandra was created with its first bedding collection and variety of decorative pillows. Sandra’s love for European Style prominent through her creation, which speaks for its quality.

    Lili Alessandra’s creativity inspires the uniqueness in home fashion and interior design. For everyday life we create something beautiful. Our customers are provided with liberty to choose from Traditional, Contemporary, and Refined Glamour to Casual Organic and Eco-friendly lifestyles.


    Get to Know Lili Alessandra Bedding

    Creating the perfect bedroom is no easy feat. After all, your bedroom is where you spend between seven and nine hours a day. If you don’t feel comfortable and at home in this space, it’s liable to impact your sleep and leave you feeling unprepared to face the day. The good news is you don’t have to break the bank – or spend hours pounding the pavement – to find beautiful bedding. A leader in luxury comforter sets and more, Latest Bedding offers a wide range of decor styles from the elegant to the casual, the classic to the contemporary, all delivered straight to your home. Additionally, we stock plenty of top designers, including one of our favorites, Lili Alessandra. Keep reading to learn more about this acclaimed bedding brand and discover tips for decorating a master that meets your needs. 


    Why Your Bedroom Decor Matters

    Think the look of your bedroom is unimportant? On the contrary, this private space is one of the most essential in the home. Along with being the place you sleep at night, a bedroom is a spot for napping, resting, snuggling, reading and watching TV, along with enjoying hobbies and studying. If your bedroom is aesthetically displeasing, it won’t just affect your sleep quality but also your overall stress levels and productivity. From disruptive colors to uncomfortable bedding, poorly chosen bedroom decor can cause numerous issues. Here are some of the many reasons that the look of your bedroom is of the utmost importance:

    Reflects Who You Are

    Your bedroom decor is more than just an aesthetic choice. It’s also a reflection of your personality and tastes. To that end, choosing bedding is a deeply personal process and one that can be very fulfilling. From selecting comforter sets to choosing accent pieces like throw pillows and bedskirts, the bedroom design process is a crucial part of creating a space where you can sleep easy every night and be completely yourself. And Latest Bedding is here to make that process easier by providing everything you may need in one online location. 

    Creates a Sense of Comfort

    After a long day, most of us come home seeking rest and relaxation. If your bedroom decor is less than soothing, you’re liable to go to sleep feeling just as stressed as you were when you walked in the door. The good news is that choosing certain colors and fabrics can have a significant effect on your overall comfort levels. With a little effort, you can create a space that’s not just livable but also lovely. 

    Impacts Your Productivity

    Did you know that the appearance of your bedroom can have tangible effects on your ability to achieve goals? Research shows that the environment directly impacts one’s mental state. If your room is messy, cluttered, or aesthetically displeasing, you might have a hard time accomplishing tasks like working or studying. The goal is to create a space that soothes you at night and inspires you to achieve greatness throughout the day. 

    Helps You Sleep

    Did you know that 70 percent of adults in this country fail to get enough sleep? If you’re one of the many Americans who experiences occasional or regular insomnia, you should note that your bedroom design could be a contributing factor. There are a range of factors to consider from the breathability of your sheets to the color of the paint on your walls and whether the window treatments sufficiently block the light. With a little effort, you can create a distraction-free, soothing space that will help you catch some Zs. 

    What Style Best Suits You?

    Choosing a bedroom design can feel overwhelming. From colors to fabric choices, comforters to accessories, the number of decisions involved is significant. By offering luxury comforter sets from Lili Alessandra and other top brands, Latest Bedding seeks to save customers time and money. Rather than shopping individually for every piece, you can purchase a set that includes a beautifully patterned comforter along with pillow shams, bedskirts, and more. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a bedding set or design style for your home:


    When it comes to bedroom style, color is an essential part of building an atmosphere. To that end, using the right colors on your walls and in your bedding is of the utmost importance. When it comes to wall paint, we recommend using neutrals like white, cream, and grey. That way, when you swap out your bedding, the new pieces are sure to pair well with your current look. Want to up the ante on your style? Consider an accent wall in a bolder shade. You can also bring darker and more striking shades into accessories like window treatments and accent pillows while sticking to more neutral shades for sheets and comforters. 


    You probably know that a mattress is a crucial component of any bedroom. What you might not realize is that your luxury comforter set and sheets can be just as important. Just as the right mattress plays a key part in providing back and neck support, good bedding ensures your body maintains optimal temperatures throughout the night. Bedding material choice is particularly essential for hot sleepers and those with a tendency toward night sweats. In particular, 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheets are ideal in that they offer superior breathability and moisture wicking. The end result is that you don’t have to worry about waking up in a pool of sweat.


    Want to give yourself a better chance of sleeping straight through to morning? Invest in some high-quality window treatments for your bedroom. Along with adding beauty and visual interest to your bedroom, drapes and curtains minimize the amount of light coming in from sun or street lamps. If you’re a delicate sleeper, you may want to invest in some light-blocking window treatments to increase your odds of resting easy. As a bonus, many of these curtains help with energy costs by keeping heat or air conditioning in and outside air where it belongs. 

    Accessories and Decor

    Of course, a bedroom is more than a comforter and some sheets. If you truly want to love this part of the home, the little pieces make all the difference. We’re talking about bedroom accessories like shams, throw pillows, bedskirts, drapes, and rugs. For best results, include a mix of complementary colors and different fabric textures, including cotton, satin, silk, wool, and even sheepskin. Once you’ve selected your bedding accessories, you can add some special touches such as candles, picture frames, artwork, and even house plants. Don’t have a green thumb? Silk plants are an easy option that’s also aesthetically pleasing. The goal is to create a space that makes you smile every time you walk through the door.

    Tips for Choosing a Luxury Comforter

    A crucial element of any bedroom, luxury comforters keep sleepers warm on winter nights while inspiring them to snuggle up on dreary days. Moreover, your comforter set makes a statement about who you are as a person and showcases your unique sense of style. Here are some tips for choosing a luxury comforter set that meets all your needs from the functional to the aesthetic. 

    Be Happy

    Choosing a luxury comforter set may feel overwhelming at first. After all, there are numerous designs, colors, and styles. Recognizing that your bedding is one of the first things you see each morning, design experts recommend choosing pieces that make you smile. A favorite color or fun pattern can go a long way toward helping you get up on the right side of the bed. Additionally, many shoppers opt for calming shades like grey or blue. If you’re feeling stressed, these colors may just help you feel relaxed and ready to face the day. 

    Make Comfort a Priority

    Of course, your bedding should be more than aesthetically intriguing. The best pieces are also soft, warm, and cozy to the touch. At Latest Bedding, we offer a range of sumptuously soft products, including 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheet sets, cotton comforter sets, supportive pillows, pillowcases, and more. 

    Choose Quality

    You put time and money into selecting your bedding and want to ensure it will last for years to come. To that end, it’s crucial to choose quality pieces. Selecting luxury comforter sets made from 100 percent cotton or other high-end materials helps increase the odds that your bedding will hold up in the wash. The last thing you want is to choose a beautiful piece of bedding only to see it fall apart the first time you wash it. As a bonus, quality fabrics tend to be gentler on skin and better for your hair and complexion. 

    Will Lili Alessandra Bedding Look Good in My Home?

    A leader in home bedding, Lili Alessandra was founded out of a love of fabrics and textiles coupled with the urge to create comfortable pieces that delight the eye. As part of its commitment to designing bedding for all, this brand strives to include a wide array of styles. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or modern, glamorous or casual, solid or patterned, it’s likely you’ll find what you need among Lili Alessandra’s expansive selection. 

    Shop Lili Alessandra Bedding

    Once you’ve decided that Lili Alessandra is right for you, it’s time for the fun part – shopping for perfect pieces to complete your master bedroom. The good news is we have everything you need to make that task both easy and enjoyable. From blankets to pillows, here are some of our favorite Lili Alessandra bedding items at Latest Bedding.

    Chloe Fawn Velvet Padded Comfortlet

    Want to stay warm without sacrificing style? Upgrade your comfort and your bedroom with this Chloe Padded Comfortlet from Lili Alessandra. Made from fawn-colored velvet with a non-woven fill, this precious piece has the benefit of being machine washable. So you can spend more time lounging and less driving to the dry cleaner. 

    Vendome Sea Foam S&S Velvet Duvet Cover

    Perhaps you’re looking for a high-end duvet cover to envelop your favorite duvet. If so, you’re sure to appreciate Lili Alessandra’s Vendrome Duvet Cover. Boasting a sea foam color reminiscent of the Mediterranean, this velvet cover comes with Double Border Applique on the perimeter and a 3-inch flange. Pair it with neutral sheets or choose a complementary shade or pattern.

    River White Blanket

    Everyone needs a spare blanket now and then. For those occasions when there’s a chill in the air, we recommend warming up with Lili Alessandra’s River White Blanket. The cotton linen jacquard is extremely elegant while the neutral coloring ensures the piece will pair well with your current bedding. 

    Versailles Silver Pillow - Lili Alessandra

    It’s not enough to outfit your bed with the finest sheets and comforters. If you truly want your bedroom to be a place you long to retreat to at the end of the day, accessories are everything. We recommend giving your room the glam treatment with this decorative Versailles Silver Pillow. Made with silver and ivory velvet, this throw offers regal flair without sacrificing when it comes to comfort. 

    Faux Fur Black Throw

    Need a throw to up your space’s style ante and keep you cozy? This Lili Alessandra Faux Fur Throw is both warm and aesthetically pleasing. Toss it at the end of the bed or drape it over your favorite bench or reading chair. 

    Bella White/Silver Double Hem Stitch Sheet Set

    Of course, sheets are the foundation of any bed. For an unforgettable choice that’s also fashion forward, we adore this Bella White Sheet Set from Lili. Boasting double hem stitching on white cotton percale, the collection gets bonus points from the silver satin embroidery. The collection comes complete with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two standard pillowcases and is machine washable. 

    Trust Latest Bedding With Your Home Decor

    At Latest Bedding, we think everyone deserves to go to sleep in a luxurious bedroom even if they don’t have a luxury budget. That’s why we supply customers throughout the U.S. with a wide range of affordable bedding products by Lili Alessandra and other top designers. Whether you’re shopping for luxury comforter sets or sheets, window treatments or pillow shams, rest assured knowing there’s something in our collection to meet your needs. Shop online today to discover something special. We look forward to becoming your bedding supplier for years to come.