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    We all know that certain bedding items can have a profound impact on your sleep quality and quantity. For example, the wrong mattress can result in back and neck pain that interferes with your ability to work or study, while low-end sheets can lead to itching and skin irritation and cause you to toss and turn. While your duvet cover may seem less significant in the grand scheme of things – after all, duvets are placed above top sheets, so they rarely touch your skin – it can still have a significant effect on your overall comfort. And of course, choosing the right print and style ensures your bedroom is a place that sparks joy and inspires relaxation. At Latest Bedding, we’re pleased to carry an assortment of luxury duvet covers by brand-name designers like Ann gish, and designers-guild, Lili-Alessandra, and j queen Read on to learn more about duvet cover sets and discover tips about selecting the right option for yourself or a family member. 

    What Is a Duvet Cover Set?

    If you’re shopping for luxury duvet covers, then the odds are you’re familiar with this article of bedding. But just in case it pays to check out a refresher course. A fabric bag, the duvet cover safeguards the duvet inside in the same way a pillowcase does a pillow. Duvet covers can be made from an array of materials, from Egyptian cotton to linen, bamboo, polyester, and fabric blends. They are typically machine washable, meaning you can toss them in the laundry with your sheets and pillowcases, thereby protecting your duvet. 

    While duvet covers are sometimes sold separately, they often come in sets featuring other items. Along with the actual cover, a set may include a pair of matching pillow shams. Some sets also boast a duvet insert, or a quilted shell crafted from natural or synthetic materials. However, often shoppers need to purchase an insert separately. Doing this enables you to choose the duvet material and thickness that best meet your lifestyle and preferences. 

    Duvets Versus Comforters

    If you’re shopping for new bedding, you might be wondering whether a duvet or a comforter is the way to go. Although customers often use these terms interchangeably, the truth is that they’re different items with varied benefits and drawbacks. In particular, the warmth and plushness of a duvet is different from that offered by the average comforter. If you love a luxe-feeling blanket with the texture of a cloud, a duvet may be the way to go. 

    Additionally, duvets vary from comforters in an aesthetic sense. Because duvet inserts are meant to be used inside of a fabric cover, they’re less likely to feature multiple colors and patterns. In fact, a large number of duvet inserts are solid white or grey. On the other hand, comforters come in a broad assortment of colors, styles, and prints. 

    Many shoppers choose duvets and duvet covers because they tend to last longer than comforters. This is because duvet covers are easily washed and dried. You can put them in the washing machine along with your sheets and pillowcases while preserving the duvet for the long haul. On the other hand, washing a duvet insert or comforter too frequently can lead to pilling, tearing, and other issues. 

    Another benefit of going the duvet-duvet cover route is that it provides more flexibility when it comes to your bedroom decor. While purchasing a new comforter can be an expensive proposition, duvet covers tend to be more affordable. So you can swap out your duvet cover and keep the same duvet when you feel like a change of scenery. Some customers opt to purchase multiple duvet covers in different colors and styles and swap them out based on the season, while others use the same cover year round. 

    What Is the Best Type of Duvet Cover to Buy?

    Clearly, duvet cover shoppers have multiple options available to them. They can select from an array of colors, prints, and aesthetic styles. Additionally, buyers have a choice to make when it comes to material selection. 

    A large majority of people choose to buy sheets and duvet covers made from cotton. Along with being machine washable and easy to maintain, cotton is soft, smooth to the touch, and highly breathable. For this reason, cotton is a good choice for individuals who tend to sleep hot along with those suffering from night sweats or other conditions. 

    Then again, those who get cold in the night might be drawn to synthetic fabrics like polyester or cotton-polyester blends. Along with being more resistant to wrinkles, polyester is known for trapping heat. People residing in colder climates might also prefer poly-blends over other bedding material choices. As a bonus, blended duvet covers are often more affordable than those made from 100 percent Egyptian cotton. 

    Finally, linen is a popular option among duvet cover shoppers. This natural fabric is beloved both for its appearance and for the fact that it’s antimicrobial. To that end, linen works well for customers with sensitive skin. Additionally, linen is prized for its tendency to get softer every time you wash it. The goal is to choose a duvet material that meets your needs and works well for your climate and lifestyle.

    Struggling to choose one duvet cover style? If so, you might appreciate a reversible duvet cover. Offering two looks in one, reversible covers often showcase a dramatic print on one side and a subtler pattern or color on the reverse side. You can flip your duvet cover inside out based on the season or your feelings from one day to the next. Additionally, many people opt to fold down the top part of a reversible duvet so a strip of the alternate print is visible. The right option is whatever works for you. 

    Why Bedroom Decor Matters

    Americans are busier than ever these days, and it’s easy to let something like decorating your home fall by the wayside in favor of tasks that seem more essential. However, the truth is that bedroom decor can have a profound impact on your health and happiness. For one thing, those who are unhappy with their room’s appearance may struggle to get enough sleep. While certain shades tend to activate the mind, keeping you up at night, others affect your mood for the worse, leading to feelings of depression or anxiety. And of course, it's hard to sleep if your bedding isn’t soft and cozy to the touch. Recognizing that many Americans get less than the recommended seven hours of sleep a night, we suggest prioritizing the look of your bedroom to meet your needs. 

    It’s worth noting that sleep doesn’t just affect your ability to function throughout the day. Medical research reveals that not sleeping enough can lead to a host of negative side effects, including an increased risk of obesity, heart disease, and depression. If you want to preserve your health for the long haul – and keep your family free of sickness – getting sufficient sleep is of the utmost importance. 

    Additionally, your bedding should ideally reflect who you are as an individual. Whether you’re drawn to modern styles or traditional, bohemian or romantic, beachy or cabin-inspired, the right items can spark joy while showing off your personality to friends and relatives. By matching your bedding to your mood, you can ensure your bedroom is a place of relaxation and joy rather than just another area of the home. 

    Wondering what colors are best for creating a sanctuary? Studies show that cool shades like blue and green tend to inspire feelings of calm. Additionally, luxury hotels often opt to decorate in white because of their association with cleanliness. Ultimately, the right bedding choice is whichever one brings a smile to your face when you walk in the door. 

    Washing Your Duvet Cover Set

    One of the best reasons to choose a duvet cover set is that the items tend to be machine washable. That means you can keep your bedding clean without having to visit a dry cleaner. For best results, launder your duvet cover using cold water and choose the gentle cycle. We suggest opting for a mild, biodegradable laundry detergent and avoiding bleaches and fabric softeners. To dry your cover, use a low heat setting. It’s a good idea to remove your luxury duvet cover from the dryer just before it’s fully dry. Doing this helps prevent wrinkles and keeps your cover looking its best. When in doubt though, it’s best to follow the directions on your particular bedding item.

    Choosing the Best Luxury Duvet Covers

    The good news is that duvet cover shoppers have plenty of options at their disposal. Whether you’re looking for a daily duvet or something special for the coming holidays, check out some of the stylish choices currently available at Latest Bedding. 

    Home for Holiday 3-Piece Duvet Cover Set

    Searching for something special to outfit your bedroom during the holiday season? If so, you’ll likely appreciate the beauty and charm of our Home for the Holiday Duvet Cover Set. Featuring a thread count of 300, this 100 percent cotton sateen set is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the hands. The white background gets added oomph thanks to crimson embroidery details. As a bonus, both the duvet cover and shams have self-cord edge trim. The end result is a tailored look that’s sure to delight. Note that the duvet cover boasts hidden buttons, while the shams have zipper closes. Accessorize with red and silver throw pillows or go your own way to let your creative side shine. 

    Noelle Evergreen 3-Piece Duvet Cover Set

    Speaking of holiday styles, you’re sure to feel the Christmas spirit when you slumber under the Noelle Evergreen 3-Piece Duvet Cover Set. Dramatic and striking, this luxe collection features plush velvet and metallic gold embroidery thread. The end result is a shimmery appearance that catches the eye and sparks joy. Along with a duvet cover boasting hidden button closures, this set includes pillow shams with matching gold embroidery. Coordinating bath and window decor is available from acclaimed designer J Queen New York for an added cost. Regal and majestic, the Noelle set works as well in a master bedroom as it does in a guest room for your holiday visitors. 

    Callista Blue Duvet Cover Set

    Do you dream of falling asleep on a sun-swept beach? If so, you’ll likely be drawn to the Callista Blue Duvet Cover Set. Inspired by the soft blue beauty of the ocean, this serene set features a horizontal color gradation. The end result is a bedding collection that inspires feelings of calmness, serenity, and absolute joy. Made from a crisp cotton-linen blend, this cooling set has a natural feel that gets softer with every wash. The collection includes both a duvet cover and coordinating pillow shams. It’s machine washable so you don’t have to visit the dry cleaner. 

    Cameron Olive 3-Piece Duvet Cover Set By J Queen

    Olive green bedding is a big trend for 2022 and beyond, and for good reason. Cool yet stylish, this color works well in both traditional bedding and more modern pieces like the Cameron Duvet Cover Set. Constructed from delightfully soft cotton, the cover boasts a candlewick tufting technique for added texture and interest. With a medium-weight feel, this piece is appropriate for all four seasons. As a bonus, the cover reverses to a solid cotton side. The end result is a smooth sleep surface perfect for those with sensitive skin. This J Queen set comes with two shams with zipper closures. It’s also machine washable.

    Bernini Grey Duvet Cover Set

    If you’ve had a particularly stressful year, you might be seeking a more soothing sleep experience. Enter the Bernini Grey Duvet Cover Set. Featuring soft shades of grey inspired by Venetian damask fabrics, this collection calls to mind palatial bedrooms from times past. Elegant and lovely, the cotton-linen set comes complete with a cover and two shams with hidden zippers. We’re confident this machine washable collection will soothe the spirit while filling you with joy whenever you walk into the room. 

    Make Latest Bedding Your Choice for Duvet Cover Sets

    Just about everyone dreams of a beautiful bedroom that inspires them to take a load off after a long day. Unfortunately, the price of quality bedding can be prohibitive for many shoppers. That’s where Latest Bedding comes in. Founded with the goal of providing designer bedding without the designer price tag, we’re passionate about helping families redecorate on a budget. To that end, we carry a large array of pieces by top designers, including J Queen New York, Donna Sharp, Croscill, Rose Tree, Pure Parima, and Madison Park. Whether you’re looking for a luxury duvet cover set or a set of premium sheets, decorative throw pillows or designer window treatments, we’re confident there’s something in our online store to thrill and delight. Shop our selection today and discover the joy that better bedding can bring.