Orange Comforter Sets


    Orange Comforter Sets

    Orange isn’t just a popular fruit or a color used to decorate your home when it’s Halloween. In fact, this bold and zesty shade is also becoming an increasingly popular one for modern home decor. Whether your preferred style is classic or contemporary, traditional, boho, or eclectic, there’s sure to be a shade of orange to please your senses. While bright orange might be what first comes to mind, today’s designers are expanding their horizons to include colors like peach, terracotta, rust, and coral, as well. Moreover, they’re incorporating the hue into their homes in multiple ways from from orange comforter sets to accent walls, bureaus, bedding accessories, and more. Keep reading to discover how the color you choose can affect your overall happiness and sleep habits and find tips on decorating your home with orange bedding and accents. 

    Does the Color of Your Bedroom Matter?

    Think that bedroom decor is unimportant? On the contrary, research shows that choosing the right color for your bedroom and comforter set can have a profound impact on your happiness and affect your ability to sleep through the night. While some colors have been proven to enhance feelings of calm and relaxation, others are shown to spark creativity and help you feel more motivated come morning. Still other colors can help you drift off to sleep after a stressful day at the office. Ultimately, the goal is to choose a bedroom color that makes you feel happy when you walk in the door. 

    Benefits of Choosing an Orange Bedding Set

    Orange might not be your first thought when it comes to choosing a color palette for the bedroom. After all, this most serene area of the home is more commonly accessorized with neutrals like white, gray, and tan, or cool colors like blue and green. Still, there are numerous reasons to consider an orange bedding set or accents. Here are just a few of the benefits associated with opting for orange in the bedroom. 

    Improve Your Mood

    One of the best reasons to include orange in the bedroom is that it’s been known to boost moods. Warm and invigorating, an orange comforter set can brighten your room and your mood. This ability is particularly important during the chilly winter months, when it’s easy to find yourself down in the dumps. 

    Refresh Your Space

    It’s no secret that orange is a rarely used color in home decor. This very fact is what makes it a refreshing design choice. In particular, orange bedding or accents can liven up a neutral space. The goal is to create a room that inspires you to smile brightly every time you walk in the door. 

    Inspire Adventure

    Feeling like life has let you down a bit these days? If you’re desperate for new experiences, orange might be just the color to throw into the mix. In fact, pops of orange have been shown to inspire feelings of confidence, independence, and even the desire to take risks.

    Tips on Decorating With Orange

    A popular element in mid-century modern decor, orange is still less common in the master bedroom. However, this warm and inviting shade can add excitement to any space. You just need to know how to decorate it properly. The key is choosing the right accent colors and elements so your orange bedroom truly shines. Here are some tips for decorating with orange comforter sets and more. 

    Use Gray as a Base

    Orange is a striking color, and one that makes a significant impression in any space. If you want to introduce this shade into your bedroom, it’s wise to balance it out with more neutral shades. The good news is that gray and orange are a great pairing. Dramatic yet contemporary, a gray and orange palette offers a perfect combination of warmth and coolness. Gray also makes an ideal wall color if you opt for an orange comforter set. 

    Opt for Neutrals

    Speaking of neutrals, you can balance out an orange bedroom with more subdued shades like white, cream, ivory, tan, and soft brown. The end result is a color scheme that looks both deliberate and well balanced. As a bonus, incorporating neutrals keeps the space classic, so you can rest assured knowing you’ll enjoy the design style for years to come. 

    Go Bold

    Grays and whites are always a safe choice when it comes to bedding. However, some people just aren’t meant to live in neutral. If you’re the type who lives life out loud, consider complementing your orange comforter set with some bold accents. We’re talking about shades like dark blue, red, or even black. Dramatic and eye-catching, these deep shades draw the gaze and make a significant impression on anyone who walks in the room. 

    Add Some Texture

    Of course, accessorizing your space isn’t just about the colors you incorporate. If you want your bedroom to represent you in all your creativity, we recommend complementing the space with a range of textures and fabrics. In particular, orange bedding sets look phenomenal against playful throw pillows featuring thick weaves, knits, and even pom-poms. We also love the look of natural woods and woven storage baskets with orange decor. 

    How to Choose Bedding to Get the Best Night’s Sleep

    Of course, bedding is about more than color. If you want to enjoy more nights of restful, healing sleep, it’s important to be sure your bedding set includes all the right components. Along with a warm, plush comforter, your bedding set should feature a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and at least two pillows with high-quality cases. If you tend to get warm when you sleep, it’s a good idea to opt for breathable fabrics like cotton, bamboo, or eucalyptus. These materials allow heat and moisture to pass through while you sleep and enable you to stay cool and dry in all temperatures. 

    Additionally, most luxury comforter sets come complete with a pair of matching pillow shams. Typically, shams cover the pillows you don’t sleep on. Instead, these pillows provide back support for those times when you’re sitting up in bed reading or watching TV. 

    Those who live in chilly climates – or tend to get cold while they sleep – may want to add a spare blanket to the bed as well. A quilt or throw blanket can be perfect for cuddling up on cold nights. Add a few decorative pillows and a coordinating bed skirt, and your bedroom will be complete. 

    Finding the Perfect Orange Comforter Set

    Finding the right orange comforter set can be a challenge. Not only do you want to select a style that works well with your existing furniture, but you also need to determine the shade of orange that sparks joy for you personally. For example, you might be drawn to warm, relaxing shades like cantaloupe, peach, or sherbet. Then again, some people prefer oranges with more drama and passion. If you want to make a bold impression, consider a darker shade of orange, such as terracotta, rust, pumpkin, or burst sienna. The goods news is Latest Bedding offers a wide selection of orange comforter sets in multiple shades and styles. So you’re sure to find a bedding set that makes you smile. Here are some of the trending orange bedding sets currently available in our online store:

    Juliette Terracotta 4-Piece Comforter Set By J Queen

    Are you looking for a comforter set that incorporates orange in a mature and stylish way? If so, the J Queen Juliette Teracotta 4-Piece Comforter Set is a good way to go. Featuring an array of intriguing hues, including terracotta, taupe, and beige, the Juliette Set boasts luxurious woven jacquard in a feminine floral pattern. Satin details add elegance and sophistication to this comforter set, which comes complete with a comforter, two matching shams, and a coordinating bed skirt. Note that the shams feature hidden zipper closures, while the beige satin skirt has a jacquard border. Those looking for even more pieces to finish off their space can pick up coordinating throw pillows and window treatments for an added cost. 

    Camellia Rust 4-Piece Comforter Set By J Queen

    Woven chenille adds warmth and luxury to this stunning comforter set by J Queen. Known as the Camellia Set, the collection includes a rust-colored comforter, two shams, and a bedskirt. A taupe background provides stunning contrast to the intricate floral pattern in shades of rust and gold. At once timeless and modern, the set is sure to look lovely in a wide array of spaces and with plenty of furniture styles.

    Gabriela 7-Piece Comforter Set

    Who says bedding has to be serious? For a whimsical look that’s perfect for seaside cottages and apartment living alike, consider the Gabriela 7 Piece Comforter Set. A modern coastal bedding option, the Gabriela Set has a playful quality thanks to the starfish and coral pattern. Bright orange and turquoise ensure this set will bring a smile to your lips every time you step into the room. Plus, the solid turquoise reverse side adds color while contributing to the oceanic look. Along with the comforter, the Gabriela Collection comes with two pillow shams and three decorative pillows with embroidery for added dimension. The solid bed skirt is the perfect finishing touch. As a bonus, the whole collection is OEKO-TEX certified, so you know it’s made free from harmful chemicals and substances. Feel good about the place where you’re sleeping every night. 

    Harrogate Multi 4-Piece Comforter Set

    A stunning bedding option courtesy of Rose Tree, the Harrogate Multi 4-Piece Comforter Set is perfect for those seeking traditional bedroom decor with a twist. Crafted with superior workmanship and exceptional attention to detail, the Harrogate Collection features a deep rust orange along with tans and golds. The multi-colored paisley print gives the set a timeless look, while the colors encourage warmth and modernity. Along with an oversized and reversible comforter perfect for your pillow top mattress, the set comes with two shams and a generous bed skirt with an 18-inch drop and 4-inch center pleat. 

    Serene Spice 7-Piece Comforter Set

    Serene is the perfect descriptor for this seven-piece comforter set. Featuring an array of shades, including rich rust, chocolate brown, and ivory, the Serene Spice Collection has an embroidered floral pattern dividing the different sections. The end result is a splash of femininity and warmth in an otherwise classic bedding set. Along with  a comforter made from shiny polyester dupioni, the collection comes with two pillow shams and a trio of throw pillows featuring a combination of solids, stripes, and embroidery. A bed skirt finishes off the set and makes the room look complete. 

    Find an Orange Comforter Set at Latest Bedding

    Just about everyone wants a beautiful bedroom to retreat to at the end of the day. However, decorating your space is no easy task. After all, there are endless decisions to make from the color of your bedding to the shade of your walls and the furniture and accessories you select. At Latest Bedding, we make the design process easy by providing customers with a wide selection of luxury comforter sets by all the latest brand-name designers. Shop an array of styles by J Queen, Rose Tree, Waterford, and More. With many of the sets featuring a comforter, shams, coordinating bed skirts, and even accent pillows, they make creating a beautiful, harmonious bedroom easier than ever. Shop online today and start loving your bedroom again.